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«Thursday March 19, 2009»
Start: 9:30 am
End: 12:00 pm

Event Description:

The Workshop series by Greener Living in Houston in collaboration with the City of Houston gives the homeowner the opportunity to learn how to conserve energy and save money. You will learn what changes to make to your home and your habits to reduce your energy use and your energy bill. We will cover electricity, natural gas, gasoline, water and recycling.

Event Sponsor:
Greener Living In Houston and the City of Houston

Event Website:

Start: 6:00 pm
End: 8:00 pm

Event Description:

Courage to Resist is asking peace activists to write letters to war resisters who are in military prison or awaiting court martial as well as letters to the Canadian government asking it to grant asylum to war resisters and to President Obama urging amnesty for war resisters. Join us Thursday evening, March 19, to mark the anniversary of the Iraq invasion. We will write and sign letters while we enjoy delicious vegetarian food that is a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Western dishes. If you plan to come, contact Kathleen Kain at escramble('kkain1',''); (The Pepper Tree needs to know how many people to expect.) Show solidarity with the ultimate peace activists--the soldiers who refuse to fight.

Event Sponsor:
Courage to Resist and Progressive Action Alliance

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