Letting Fear Destroy America?

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The following is the result of a discussion I've been having for the last
few days with someone who thinks King George is the greatest President this
country has ever had and that it's okay to give up our basic rights as citizens
of the United States to fight terrorism.  Attitudes like this really scare






What is it that you think the terrorists, the Muslim extremists hate the
most about America?  Could it be our freedom of speech?  Freedom of
religion?  Could it be the freedoms and democracy that well all enjoy as
citizens of this country?  Just what exactly is it?


The answers to those questions will give you the answer to the
next.  What is it that they want to destroy about America?  It is
the very things that make America a great country to live in and what makes
citizenship so wonderful.  They want to bring us down because they hate our
freedom of speech, freedom of dissent, freedom of religion, ideology of
democracy, etc.  They want to destroy what we have and take us back to the
Middle Ages if not worse.  Would it surprise you to learn that there is a
group of Christians that would like to do the same thing?  They want to
make our country a Theocracy similar to Iran, only it would be a Christian
Theocracy and we would abide by Hebrew (New Testament) law.  This is
similar to what the Muslim extremists would have us do.


Yet, we have a President who is destroying those very values himself so he
can "protect us from more terrorist attacks".  George W. Bush has elevated
himself above the law and by doing so, violated the very Constitution he vowed
to protect. 


And because you and other Americans are so fearful of the terrorists, you
give George the all-clear to violate those very principles that we all hold so
very dear and try to spread throughout the world in the name of freedom and
democracy.  You are willing to give up your basic freedoms and rights and
let a President hold himself above the law because you fear another terrorist
attack.  You are willing to undergo a little "discomfort' and give up basic
freedoms and rights and protections that many hundreds of thousands have given
their lives, spilled their blood to protect for us.


Donnie, this is EXACTLY what the terrorists wanted to destroy and what they
wanted to happen.  They WANTED us to loose our freedoms, our rights and our
democracy.  But they aren't taking these things away.  We, as
American citizens are just giving it up because we are fearful.  We are
letting THEM change our way of life and we are living in fear of them. 


The Geneva Conventions were put into place to protect all those who were
taken in a time of war, not just to prevent us from abusing prisoners, but also
to prevent our soldiers who are taken prisoner from being abused.  America
stands for much better things than abusing prisoners.  We have always had
much higher standards than that and I am disappointed in a government that would
condone such things. 


Why do you think the terrorists said we wouldn't do what it took to defeat
them?  Because they knew that to do so we would have to lower the standards
we have held dear for over 200 years, the basic human rights and dignities that
most Americans take for granted, and fight this battle on this level. 
However, to do that, we give up our humanity and become no better than the
terrorists we fear so much. 


I, too, am a loyal American and I love my country.  I would die for my
country and the freedoms, the liberties we have.  However, I don't think
it's right that myself and others like me are being spied on just
because we are also a dissenters and anti-war activists.  We
are breaking no laws.  We are not a physical nor a domestic threat. 
We are reminding people of something that they do not want to hear and that is
that America is asleep at the wheel.  We are giving up our freedoms and our
rights because we are afraid. 


Out of fear you, Donnie, are willing to give up those rights.  Think
about it.  What happens when you wake up one day and are wrongfully accused
of some crime?  Innocent until proven guilty will no longer exist.


For the record, the information that was given to our nation's leaders
to vote on per Iraq was not the same information that George Bush and his
advisors had.  They had top secret military intelligence, some of which
advised AGAINST any such action.  The Senators voted on whether or not
to continue the use of inspectors, etc., and did not vote to give GWB the power
to go to war.  In fact, war has never been officially declared.  The
members who voted against more money for the war that is not a war did so
because they were hoping that by doing so, they could end this action and
bring our soldiers home. 


An interesting note.  Are you aware that very few of the Republic
members of the House, Senator or Congress EVER served in active duty
military?  I can send you that information if you'd like.  On the
other hand, most Democrats did serve and served honorably.  I find it
interesting that it's usually the people who have never served in a time of
war or even in the military are the quickest to want to go to war. 
Those who have lived through a war are the least likely to want to go. 
What does that say to you? 


Just as a side note, the ACLU and NAMBLA have nothing to do with this
discussion.  NAMBLA is a disgusting organization.  The ACLU has
done much to protect both my rights and yours.  I don't always agree with
what they do, but they are the watchdogs that keep our country in line and keep
the rights of all of us from being trampled on.


If we, as Americans, are ever to rise above the fear that so many feel in
their hearts every day, that fear that is driving our citizens to be willing to
hand over their rights, then we are lost.  If we allow a President to walk
all over the Constitution of the United States of America, the very foundation
of our country, we are doomed.  Your President, Donnie, called the
Constitution a "goddamn piece of paper" not too long ago when Democratic leaders
had a meeting with him.  When he took his oath of office, George Bush's
only commitment was to "uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States
of America". 


This is not a partisan issue.  It is neither Republican nor
Democrat.  These issues are American issues and its time the Republicans
and Democrats, all of whom are probably pretty much corrupt anyway, need to come
together and resolve before we turn into exactly what the Muslim extremists of
the world want, and that is a society that lives according to their laws and
their ways, which are the ways and laws of the Old Testament.  And we will
do it from the inside out without any further input from them because we are


I don't want to walk that path.  Do you?


In peace,


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Submitted by PAAMember on January 19, 2006 - 7:00pm.
Dear Elected Official who claims Democratic Party affiliation,

It's time for you to put up or shut up. If you are an elected official who calls yourself a Democrat, it's time for you to stop worshiping at the alter of the swing voter and your corporate masters and start fearing the rank and file.

If you do not support ending the madness in Iraq, go find another party.

If you do not support filibustering Alito who will turn over the last freedoms we have to protect ourselves from the corporate elite, go find another party.

If you do not support impeaching a president who has violated the U.S. Constitution, go find another party.

If you do not support a national health care plan that insures everyone, go find another party.

If you do not support a progressive revenue plan that taxes corporate wealth instead of personal income, go find another party.

If you do not support the rights of women to decide on
personal matters of health without the government looking over her shoulder, go find another party.

If you do not support a clean and renewable energy plan that favors the environment over the needs of the corporate elite, go find another party.

If you do not support open and fair elections that can be audited, go find another party.

If you do not support restrictions on the limited liability charter of corporations and returning individual rights to the people, where they belong, go find another party.

These are non negotiable. Obviously, we all have differences about how to achieve these items, but I am pretty sure that going on Sunday morning talk shows isn't a strategy. Talk's cheap, it's time to start acting like Democratic representatives of the working and middle class, rather than a frightened little groveler at the feet of the corporate elite.

Rank and File Democrats who are sick of feeling powerless. We put you in
office, and we can take you out.


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