Reform the Media & Restore the Fairness Doctrine..

Submitted by Bill Crosier on February 7, 2006 - 4:11pm. :: | |

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WHEREAS the first amendment was meant to encourage the expression of diversity of opinion and criticism of those in power; and

WHEREAS independent, aggressive and critical media are essential to an informed democracy; and

WHEREAS the Fairness Doctrine, which required broadcasters to give opposing viewpoints air time, was canceled by the FCC under Ronald Reagan; and

WHEREAS demise of the Fairness Doctrine led directly to the rise of extremely biased and one-sided broadcasters such as Fox News; and

WHEREAS media monopolies are working with the Bush administration to squelch opinions that the Bush administration does not want to hear; and

WHEREAS mergers in the news industry have accelerated, with U.S. media outlets overwhelmingly owned by large, for-profit conglomerates and supported by corporate advertisers, leading to great compromises in independent journalism; and

WHEREAS independent media are essential to a democratic society; be it therefore

RESOLVED that the Fairness Doctrine be restored in order to require minimum standards of balance in broadcast of opinions and news; and be it further

RESOLVED that aggressive antitrust action be taken to break up monopolistic media conglomerates; and be it further

RESOLVED that both government and the nonprofit sector should promote and fund non-corporate, alternative media outlets; and be it further

RESOLVED that government funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting be restored and that it be run by non-partisan officials without ties to the government or corporations with political agendas.

Draft by B. Crosier, Feb. 12, 2006. Updated by C. Crosier Feb. 2008

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