Repeal Proposition Two - OLD

Submitted by Bill Crosier on February 8, 2006 - 8:50pm. ::

Note: This resolution has been incorporated into the one entitled "GLBT Rights" (Feb. 2008).

WHEREAS The Democratic Party is a party of the people, a party that respects the rights and liberties of all people, and which stands for fairness rather than hate and discrimination; and WHEREAS That only a small percentage of Texas voters cast their votes in November 2005, in the Discriminatory Anti-Gay and Lesbian Constitutional Amendment denying gays and lesbians basic constitutional rights; and WHEREAS The majority of those who did vote supported this hateful Amendment to the State Constitution; and WHEREAS Gays and lesbians should enjoy all the rights and privileges of all the other citizens in the State of Texas; and WHEREAS Members of the gay community continue to be the targets of hate crimes; and WHEREAS Sexual orientation has no bearing on the integrity and patriotism required to serve one's country; therefore, be it RESOLVED That the Democratic Party stand for the repeal of the "HATE AMENDMENT" which is depriving gay and lesbian Texans of certain fundamental rights; and be it further RESOLVED That hate crimes laws be strengthened and enforced, and be it further RESOLVED That until said Amendment is repealed, the State Legislature should enact laws to give gays and lesbians all other rights and responsibilities that heterosexual couples enjoy, and in particular the following rights: * To make medical decisions for their partners * To receive inheritances from their partners * To obtain insurance benefits through their partners * To adopt children; and be it further RESOLVED That pressure be put on the President of the United States so that openly gay, lesbian and bisexual persons be allowed to serve in the US armed services. Draft by Cathy Tarte and Bobby Caldwell Revised and submitted by Cathy Tarte 2/11/06

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