Environmental Initiative Resolutions (7)

Submitted by Bill Crosier on March 4, 2006 - 10:14pm. :: | |

These resolutions were all developed by the Environmental Initiative of the Houston Region Democrats.

Some were originally presented and passed by the Harris County Democratic Party Executive Committee in June 2005, in a form that dealt with Harris County.  Those resolutions were modified to address statewide issues and additional resolutions were added.

For information on these, contact Stephanie Hrabar, Ph. D.: shrabar{at}wt{dot}net, 713-683-0638.

For individual resolutions:  

  1. Click on the title for any resolution of interest to you.
  2. Then click on the attachment, below the text of the resolution, to download a version that's formatted for printing.

To download the entire set of resolutions in PDF format and download a ZIP archive, click on this link.

See Resolutions for your precinct convention for more information on resolutions and what to do with them.

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