Public Health Measures for Air Pollution Enforcement Program

Submitted by Bill Crosier on March 4, 2006 - 10:20pm. :: |

WHEREAS urban regions in Texas are consistently out of compliance with federal and state Ambient Air Quality environmental regulations;

  • Air pollution aggravates both respiratory and cardiovascular related diseases, according to the scientific community, Texas Department of Health, and Texas Commission of Environmental Quality;
  • Regulatory compliance needs to specify and monitor living public health measures that are enforcable for the federal and state air quality programs,
  • Reasonable health measures includes incidences of aggrevation, inflamation, irritation, or burning of the skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat or lungs

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Texas Democratic Party support:

  • The Texas Health Department establish appropriate, enforceable statewide living public health measures for the Air Quality Program that will monitor public health as part of the Air Quality Program.  
  • Submission of public health measures, statistics, and research results in environmental assessments for publically funded projects.

Prepared by: The Environmental Initiative of the Houston Region Democrats 2.7.06

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