Exemption of Diesel Truck Emissions Test

Submitted by Bill Crosier on March 4, 2006 - 10:25pm. :: |

WHEREAS urban regions in Texas are consistently out of compliance with federal and state Ambient Air Quality regulations;

  • Vehicle air pollution is acknowledged as aggravating both respiratory and cardiovascular related diseases;
  • Automobiles in counties, that not in compliance with ambient air quality regulations, are subject to an annual auto air emissions test and a fee for license renewal;
  • Diesel trucks are exempt from the state's vehicle emissions test program for license renewal;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the State Democratic Party support:

  • Diesel trucks may not be exempt from the Texas vehicle emissions test program, until the air pollution threat to public health is eliminated.

Prepared by: The Environmental Initiative of the Houston Region Democrats 2.7.06

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