Science-Based Standards for Safer Air to Breathe

Submitted by Bill Crosier on March 4, 2006 - 10:37pm. :: |

WHEREAS urban regions in Texas are consistently out of compliance with federal and state Ambient Air Quality environmental regulations;

  • Air pollution aggravates both respiratory and cardiovascular related diseases, according to the scientific community, Texas Department of Health, and Texas Commission of Environmental Quality;
  • Air pollutants are acknowledged by both the scientific community and the city, county, and state Departments of Health and Texas Commission of Environmental Quality as exacerbating both respiratory and cardiovascular related disease in the human population.
  • Vehicles and industry are the leading sources of hazardous air emissions;
  • Texas is the home of many experienced scientists and engineers in transportation, aerospace, and public health;
  • General property tax revenue is the primary source of funds for public institutions of higher learning and regulatory agencies,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Texas State Democratic Party supports:

  • Appropriate science-based air quality standards for the urban regions that will result in safer air for all humans to breathe.
  • Environmental assessments that include protection for human health based on appropriate health and life science studies.
  • An environmental economic formula that includes an environmental assessment that will protect both public revenues and public health for publicly funded transportation and development projects.

3.04.06/Modification of the "Safer Air to Breathe" Resolution passed by the Harris County Democratic Party June 2005, prepared by the Environmental Initiative of the Houston Region Democrats

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