Campaign Finance Reform Resolution (old ver.)

Submitted by Sarah Gonzales on August 20, 2005 - 1:51am. ::

Note: This is an old resolution that has been superceded by a new version.


Whereas, Candidates for public office now depend upon large contributions to run competitive campaigns; and

Whereas, Elected officials often operate on behalf of contributors who want their wealth to control government decision-making; and

Whereas, Members of Congress often represent their own interests, special interests (dollars) and their political party before considering the interests of the people that they were elected to represent; and

Whereas, Even highly-principled officials who want to stay in office to serve their constituents are forced into objectionable compromises in order to finance re-elections; and

Whereas, Media monopolies restrict and censor political debate, leaving the electorate without the benefits that a Free Press was intended to provide; and

Whereas, Broadcasting corporations charge exhorbitant rates for election ads while profiting from the use of publicly-owned airwaves; therefore, be it

Resolved, that we support:

  • Comprehensive campaign finance reform and "clean money" public financing of the public's elections,
  • Requirements for ample free and equal broadcast time for candidates, and
  • Break-up of the media monopolies.