Impeachment Action Ideas - How to get involved

Submitted by Bill Crosier on September 6, 2006 - 4:17pm. :: |

Here are some ideas and suggestions for how we can get Bush and Cheney removed from office, submitted at (and after) the Impeachment Town Hall meeting in Houston on Sep. 4, 2006.

Send us your ideas

If you have other ideas and suggestions, please send them (preferably with links to where we can find more information on the web) to C. Lee Taylor: c.lee.taylor {at}

Action ideas for promoting impeachment

  • Talk with your friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers about your concerns with where this country is headed, about defending the Constitution and US values, and how that means that Bush and Cheney must go.  We discussed this at the workshop at the end of the Sep. 4 Impeachment forum -- see "Talking with Your Friends about Impeachment" for details on how to do this effectively, and an example dialog.
  • Join or work with an organization that supports impeachment, ending the occupation of Iraq, etc.  One, of course, is this group -- the Progressive Action Alliance We have general meetings the second Thursday of each month, and committees/action groups that meet in person and by e-mail as needed. 
    Besides the PAA, many other impeachment-friendly groups are listed on our Links pages on our web site -- Click on the "Links" tab at the top of this or any web page on our site to find one that interests you.
  • Join an e-mail list that's dedicated to supporting impeachment and related topics.  Examples:
  • Wear a T-shirt that lets other people know they aren't alone in wanting the crooks out of the White House, and that can help get those on the fence to start questioning why they should support someone who's leading our country down the toilet.  We have extra T-shirts in two styles that we sold during the Impeachment Town Hall Meeting, and we'll have them at PAA meetings and selected other events we attend.  You can also make your own.  See the PAA Impeach T-shirt designs.
  • Freeway blogging -- Many people in the Houston area and across the country are exercising their free speech rights in the new town square -- our freeways -- and are able to reach thousands of drivers per hour with simple messsages on impeachment, peace, etc.
  • Volunteer to work for a progressive candidate.  Many in the Houston area are listed at the HCDP web site, along with links to their web pages.  There are several good ones listed there who are running for the US House of Representatives.  Also, don't forget that the State legislature can introduce articles of impeachment, and the state attorney general can bring suit against anyone who breaks the law.  That's one reason why candidates like David Van Os (running for Attorney General), and who recognizes that Bush and Cheney are war criminals, can make a difference.