Impeach Bush & Cheney T-Shirts

Submitted by Bill Crosier on September 24, 2006 - 2:23pm. :: | |

Want to wear a shirt that sends a powerful message for regime change here at home?
We have two shirts that we designed, and which we hope will help to get the general public thinking more about why we need to get the criminals out of the White House. These shirts are ones that we hope you'll want to wear when you go shopping, to restaurants, to neighborhood and cultural events, and other places -- not just to political gatherings.  You'll be impressed with how many smiles, thumbs up, and other positive responses that you get.

If you didn't get them at our Sep. 4 Impeachment Town Hall Meeting, you can get some for yourself and friends (they make good gifts!) at the PAA monthly meetings (2nd Thursday of each month) and at some of the events we attend and of course at all the events we sponsor.

Here's a description of the two shirts:

1. Our "First Aid for Democracy" design has that phrase across the top, along with a red cross with "IMPEACHMENT" in the middle. In each corner there is a different issue to help reach the public: Lying, Spying, Torture, Katrina. This shirt is white, with all the graphics in red. The frame we're using for this shirt design is that our country is sick and impeachment is the cure.

2. Our "Defend the Constitution" design has the following text:

Defend the Constitution.
Restore U.S. Values.

IMPEACH the Bush-Cheney gang

This "Defend the Constitution" shirt is light blue, with all the graphics in black. The frame we're using for this shirt design is supporting some universal values that everyone can relate to, and this means throwing Bush & Cheney out.

Each shirt also has the URL (web address) for the PAA web site. The shirts are 100% cotton, and available in sizes from adult small through XXX-Large. All are printed in a T-shirt shop in Houston Texas. Except for the XXX-Large size, the shirts are manufactured by American Apparel, a sweatshop-free shop that makes all their shirts in their downtown Los Angeles factory. You can see photos of the shirts by clicking the links below.

We're asking for a donation of $12-$20 for each shirt. If you want a shirt but can't come to a PAA meeting or other event where we have a table, contact Bill at


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