Electoral Reform Forum

Sep 15 2006 - 7:00pm
Sep 15 2006 - 9:00pm

Event Description:

Hear James Goodwille Pierre, David Cobb, Michael Badnarik and others talk and take questions about democratic electoral reform in Harris County, Texas and the U.S.

Park free across Cullen Blvd in lot 15D, near entrance 14.

The Electoral Reform Forum will be held in the Science and Research 1 Building at the University of Houston main campus. To find this building, see http://www.uh.edu/campus_map/buildings/SR.html for a photo and a link to a campus map with this building circled.

This Building is located near the intersection of Cullen Boulevard and entrance 14 on the west side of the campus, but it is not right on the corner. From Cullen, it is right behind a newer building, but it is easily accessed on foot from Cullen.

Driving south from the Gulf Freeway on Cullen, entrance 14 is on the left, or east, side of the street, just after Cullen interesects with Holman, on the right. Free parking will be on the opposite, west, side of Cullen in lot 15D. S&R 1 is a rather somber looking, brown brick, multi-story structure.

Event Sponsor:
UH Campus Greens, Verifiable Vote Coalition, Harris County Green Party

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Don Cook

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