Become part of the global warming solution. Go on a low carbon diet.

Mar 27 2007 - 7:00pm

Event Description:

March 27, Tuesday 7pm, support group on becoming part of the global warming solution using Low Carbon Diet. You'll learn how to: Calculate your CO2 footprint with our easy-to-use “carbon calculator”. Create “cool household systems” that save the Earth while saving you money. Take on “cool lifestyle practices” that reduce CO2 emissions without cramping your style. Purchase carbon offsets to become “carbon neutral”. Form a Low Carbon Diet “EcoTeam” with friends, colleagues, co-workers or your faith community. Four sessions every other Tuesday. RSVP to Nancy Edwards, 713-661-9737 nancyedwards(at)

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Houston Climate Protection Alliance

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Nancy Edwards

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free but may want to buy book for $13