Join CODEPINK this Summer as we Demand Peace in DC!

Jun 8 2007 - 12:00pm
Jul 30 2007 - 12:00pm

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After the Alberto Gonzales hearing the front page of the Washington Post announced: “The Senate Judiciary Committee goes CODEPINK on Gonzales”! Going CODEPINK now means exposing the wrongdoings of the powerful, giving them a public dressing down, holding them accountable. This summer CODEPINK will continue to bust through our nation’s inside-the-beltway politics with a refreshing dash of people power. Come join us on “The Hill” and help us paint the town PINK!

Throughout June and July CODEPINK will be hosting weeklong activist training sessions at our DC Activist House, as part of our efforts to keep constant pressure on Congress to bring our troops home, and our work to build a strong women-initiated peace movement throughout the U.S. Immerse yourself in the busy and exciting actions CODEPINK is creating in Congress every day; learn how to do media work, create giant pink slips, and speak effectively about ending the war. Plus, hear from experts about the current situation in Iraq, find out how a bill really becomes a law, and discover how you can make a deeper impact with CODEPINK’s campaigns in your home city.

Be a part of the peace surge: By joining CODEPINK in DC this summer, you’ll have a hands on daily opportunity to put your passion for peace into action! If you are interested in building the skills and confidence to organize locally and deepen your commitment to peace work, please apply to join us in DC this summer! For more info and the application, visit: Let’s make this a powerful summer of resistance!

In solidarity,

Jodie, Medea, and Gael, CODEPINK Co-Founders

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