[PAA-Impeach] Impeachment signs

Submitted by PAAMember on September 13, 2005 - 11:00pm. ::

In my last post I said I would not send any more emails to both these
lists but decided to do it one more time. Please excusa moi.
I think it would be handy to have a generic protest sign I could
carry around in the trunk of my car that would be suitable for all
occasions, at any protest I went to, so I would not have to rely on someone
to provide me with one when I got there. I would like one that says "Impeach the
Liar-in-Chief" and make it up nice and pretty with a sturdy handle. I plan on
that being my standard sign from now on.
My question is - does anyone know where I could have such a sign printed up
with professional looking lettering on a sturdy board? And if anyone else would
like to have one, please let me know, since we might get a better price if we
had a number of them printed. In fact I would love to see a lot of them. Any
input appreciated. Thanks.
Charlie Mauch