Restitution to Innocent Iraqi War Victims..

Submitted by Bill Crosier on February 27, 2008 - 9:44pm. :: | | | |

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WHEREAS, THE UNITED STATES invaded the country of Iraq based on a LIE told to the American people and

WHEREAS, Untold numbers of innocent Iraqi civilians, many children, were killed, lost limbs and were blinded due to the fallout of our shameful display of Shock and Awe and the neighborhood crossfire between our Soldiers and the Insurgents

Whereas, There is a lack of proper hospital/medical care in war-torn Iraq for these innocent victims, be it therefore

RESOLVED, That the U.S. make restitution to the innocent men, women and children hurt by the needless, senseless Invasion and Occupation of Iraq by:

* Providing care at the latest, state of the art facilities to replace limbs and eyes, for as long as needed,

* Pay, when necessary, for the trip to medical facilities in the U.S.. where the best care is available

* Subsidize Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) who can provide food and shelter to the victims and their guardians while in the U.S. for medical care and prosthetics

* Set up new NGO's in states where there are none but have the best medical facilities ie: Houston, Tx.

* Make "Grief Counseling" available for the children made orphans by the U.S. invasion/occupation of Iraq

* Provide support and a home for children orphaned by the war, until such time as no longer needed, and be it further

RESOLVED, That a commission be appointed to oversee the care and support of these innocent victims.

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