Energy-Transportation & Public Health Policy..

Submitted by Bill Crosier on February 28, 2008 - 11:33pm. ::

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Whereas Texas has historically been and will continue to be a vital source of our Nation's petroleum, petroleum products, and coal and coal-derived energy,

Whereas Air emissions from heavy vehicular traffic and industry activities are the leading causes of air pollution and toxic emissions,

Whereas Texas Health Code Clean Air Act exempts roads from air monitoring,

Whereas Air pollution is known to aggravate both respiratory congestion and cardiovascular related diseases, according to the Texas Department of Health,

Whereas The US Environmental Protection Agency testified under oath at a senate hearing January 24, 2008 that the health effects of air pollution had "yet to be determined",

Whereas Independent School Districts (ISD) do not participate in the public review process for pending or proposed energy-transportation projects nor are their bond and environmental health and safety departments required to review a Draft Environmental Impact Statement to estimate the potential impact on the health of students and public employees at schools within π mile of a major road,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Texas Democratic Party supports
energy-transportation policies regarding existing or future projects that consider practical measurable effects on public health and the environment. Furthermore, energy-transportation policies and projects must include provisions for the monitoring and enforcement of current and future State and Federal environmental codes.

Consistent with the resolution prepared by of OilPatch Democrats Energy Committee 2/08 and the Safer Air to Breathe resolution adopted by the Harris County Democratic Party 6/05 prepared by the Environmental Initiative of the Houston Region Democrats 3/05

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