Technology Already Exists to Stabilize Global Warming

Apr 6 2008 - 2:30pm
Apr 6 2008 - 3:30pm

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The Technology Already Exists to Stabilize Global Warming
Wedges into the Climate Solution

Dr. Ron Sass, Rice University Professor Emeritus of Natural Sciences, will give a presentation on Wedges on Sunday, April 6, 2:30 to 3:30pm at First Unitarian Universalist Church. Each climate wedge provides an increasing part of the solution. All the wedges, added together, could get carbon emissions under control by 2054, said Princeton University scientists in a Scientific American article that is now the generally accepted vision of solutions. The two scientists also said it is urgent that we must stop new carbon-polluting energy sources, such as coal plants. Any seven of the following fifteen possible wedges would be enough. Which would you choose?

cut electricity use by 25%
cars get 60 miles per gallon
stop all deforestation
use no-till or low-till farming for all crops
cut miles driven in half
Replace some coal with wind power
Replace some coal with solar
replace 1400 coal plants with gas plants
coal plants get 50% more energy from coal used
capture carbon (CCS) from 800 coal plants
CCS coal for hydrogen fueled cars
CCS coal for syngas for autos
Replace some coal with nuclear
Use wind to make hydrogen for cars
Fuel many cars with ethanol
Wedge not yet invented.

The talk will be at the regular monthly meeting of Houston Climate Protection Alliance.
First Unitarian Universalist Church address is 5200 Fannin at Southmore in the Museum District. It is 2 blocks north of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Plentiful parking in the bank lot north of the church or the lot north of that.

Transit Directions: From Wheeler Station take any southbound bus for six blocks or walk.
Driving directions: from 288 exit Southmore, go west 1/2 mile. When past Fannin, turn into the parking lot.
From west Houston, take 59 toward downtown, exit Fannin, right on Main a few blocks to Southmore.

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Houston Climate Protection Alliance

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