What is a trackback and how do I use them?

Submitted by Sarah Gonzales on October 2, 2005 - 10:02pm. ::

The purpose of a trackback is to let a site know that you are referencing them on your on site. A much more detailed explanation is here. Only blog entries provide tracksbacks on our website currently. There are 2 options for trackbacks using our website.

  • Allow trackback - checking this box will automatically generate a URL that may be used from other websites to reference your entry. Example, person A comes across your blog entry and would like to reference it on another website. Person A would copy / paste the trackback URL onto THEIR website (providing a reference back to ours) and then write or comment on your entry.
  • Enter one URL per line for each trackback you wish to send - a PAA user comes across a page(s) on another website that they would like to reference or comment on and a trackback URL is provided for that page. Copy the trackback URL from that page and paste it into this area and write up your comments. You are commenting on someone else's page on the internet and providing a reference to the original content for users to follow.