A Renewed Commitment To Peace And Diplomacy: A Cabinet Level Department Of Peace -OLD

Submitted by Sarah Gonzales on October 13, 2005 - 6:28am. :: | | |

Note: This is an old version, and has been superceded by a new (2/2008) version entitled "Department of Peace"


Whereas, Our unilateral, preemptive war against Iraq has alienated our allies, demonstrated U.S. indifference to international concerns, and increased recruits for terrorist groups bent on fighting our country; and

Whereas, conflict in all relationships is inevitable; and

Whereas, Two hundred seventy million people died in the twentieth century when conflicts were addressed with military and political force; and

Whereas, Military and political forces are expensive and starve our nation of the resources needed to create a strong, healthy society; and

Whereas, Nonviolent mediation has proved successful in seemingly insoluble conflicts, ranging from India's struggle for independence to the great strides made towards integration in the U.S.; and

Whereas, Implementing nonviolent approaches for domestic programs and foreign mediation requires broad understanding, research and a concerted effort; and

Whereas, There is no single government entity assigned to deal with these various issues and report to the American people the status of our efforts to achieve these goals; be it therefore

RESOLVED, That we strengthen security in our country and in the world by:

  • Rejecting a foreign policy of preemptive, unilateral war,
  • Working with the world community through the United Nations, and
  • Supporting international agreements such as the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty, the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions, the Small Arms Treaty, the International Criminal Court and the Kyoto Climate Treaty; and be it further
  • Resolved, That a Cabinet level Department of Peace be established to study and advance non-violence as the organizing principle in all human relations from families and neighborhoods to courts and congresses, both nationwide and internationally.


Note:  This resolution was approved by the Texas state Democratic Convention in 2004, but was not incorporated into the platform at that time.  It was originally developed by the Texas Kucinich for President campaign. 

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