Free Quality Education from Pre-K through College..

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Whereas, Education is a basic human right; and

Whereas, People with a quality education are less likely to be marginalized by society; and

Whereas, Those with a quality education are more likely to participate in local and national government; and

Whereas, Those with a quality education are more likely to have a stable home and family life and participate in their communities; and

Whereas, A universal, voluntary, full-day pre-kindergarten for ages 3 - 5 years will better prepare children for success in school, as well as ease the cost of quality child care for the working poor; and

Whereas, Draining education funds to furnish vouchers for private education will undermine improvements in public education; and

Whereas, The average yearly wage for an individual with a bachelor's degree is three times that of a non-degreed employee; and

Whereas, The total cost of one year's college tuition for each of the 12 million students now enrolled in state-supported colleges is $48 billion, which is less than one third of the recent tax cuts bestowed upon our wealthiest citizens; and

Whereas, Congress has passed a Defense spending bill providing $8.9 billion to fund the National Missile Defense system which has not been proven to work; and

Whereas, Research has consistently shown that improvements in education will reduce the need for new prisons; therefore, be it


* That the U.S. should regard education as being just as important to our society as national defense;
* That quality education from pre-K through college be provided to all without regard to financial status; and
* That pre-K through college education be provided to everyone by cutting the Pentagon budget by 15%.

Original version written Jan. 2004 by the Texans for Kucinich campaign. Updated Feb. 2008 by B. Crosier

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