Strengthen Environmental Safeguards..

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Whereas coal-burning utilities contaminate lakes with mercury and present a health hazard to children and pregnant women; and

Whereas a quarter of American industrial plants and water treatment plants are in serious violation of environmental standards; and

Whereas funding for enforcing environmental standards is inadequate; and

Whereas manure spills from factory farms have killed millions of fish; and

Whereas industrial agriculture and its disregard for the environment have devastated many communities; and

Whereas worldwide, more than 2 million people, mostly children, die each year from waterborne diseases; and

Whereas it has been shown that lead poisoning from industrial facilities near poor neighborhoods
contributes significantly to mental retardation in children; and

Whereas environmental oversight and production of "green" products will create jobs; and

Whereas the current administration's rule changes in environmental regulations will accelerate the destruction of wetlands and thereby increase flooding and add to pollution; and

Whereas the current administration has withdrawn proposed rules that would have reduced raw sewage discharges; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the U.S. government strengthen and enforce air and water regulation and protections and reward environmentally responsible farmers and business; and be it further

RESOLVED that the government make a major investment in water system infrastructure and a financial commitment to provide healthy drinking water to all the world's people.

Original version written by Texans for Kucinich, Jan. 2004. Updated by K. Kain, Feb. 2008.

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