Workers' Rights are Human Rights..

Submitted by Sarah Gonzales on October 13, 2005 - 6:59am. :: | |

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WHEREAS, All people have a right to have a job in a safe workplace, to earn living wages and secure benefits including retirement, and

WHEREAS, Workers need to be empowered to negotiate with their employer if necessary over working conditions, safety, compensation for injuries on the job, employer negligence, and freedom to enjoy all the benefits of U. S. citizenship, and

WHEREAS, Unions are shadows of what they were 40 years ago, with membership declining from 24% in 1973 to 14% today, and

WHEREAS, In 2001 the U. S. Supreme Court repealed 100 years of labor and civil rights protections and allowed employers to require mandatory binding arbitration for employees, and

WHEREAS, The US Supreme Court gave employers the right to require prospective workers to sign away their civil, disability and pension rights as conditions of employment, and

WHEREAS, Corporations have cut wages, benefits and working hours, reneged on contracts and eliminated retirements through bankruptcy strategies, and

WHEREAS, The average CEO made 42 times the average workers pay in 1980, 80 times in 1990, and 531 times in 2000, and

WHEREAS, Overtime pay is now in jeopardy for millions of workers, therefore, be it


* That the federal minimum wage be adjusted to a living wage,
* That the Supreme Court's 2001 decision be reversed, that labor and civil rights be restored,
* That workers must not be required to waive their legal rights as a condition of employment,
* That Sections 206-210 of the Taft-Hartley Act be struck down and collective bargaining rights be restored to workers to enable them to protect their jobs and quality of life.

This resolution was written by the Texans for Kucinich campaign, Jan. 2004.

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