15th Anniversary of the Web

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Below is a great article from the Financial Times reminding us to
marvel at the web's very existence.

James Boyle: Web's never-to-be-repeated revolution
>By James Boyle
>Published: November 2 2005 19:50 | Last updated: November 2 2005 19:50
> >
The web is having a birthday. This month, we will have the 15th
anniversary of the creation of the first web page. It is the birthday
of Tim Berners-Lee's amazing idea that there could be a worldwide web,
linked not by spider silk but by hypertext links and transfer
protocols and uniform resource locators.
How should we celebrate? We are too close to the web to understand it.
And those who lost money in the dotcom boom greet any celebration of
the web the way a person with a hangover greets a mention of the drink
of which they overindulged. The knowledge of shameful excess produces
a renunciant puritanism. No more tequila or web romanticism for me!
That is a shame, because there are three things that we need to
understand about the web. First, it is more amazing than we think.
Second, the conjunction of technologies that made the web successful
was extremely unlikely. Third, we probably would not create it, or any
technology like it, today. In fact, we would be more likely to cripple
it, or declare it illegal.
Why is the web amazing? Because of what people have built on it. Some
might remember when the most exciting sites on the web had pictures of
coffee pots in universities far away. ("See," one would proudly say to
a neophyte, "the pot is empty and we can see that from here! This
changes everything!") But now? When is the last time you looked in an
encyclopedia? When is the last time that your curiosity