Pot-Luck dinner, free movie on World Social Forum

Submitted by PAAMember on November 7, 2005 - 2:00am. ::

Interested in a fun evening next Sunday, a chance to visit with
fellow progressives, and a film on how grassroots activists are
organizing to counter globalization?

Our Houston Social Forum organizing committee is hosting a fun time
for all next Sunday. Everyone is invited.

Pot-luck dinner, live music, and movie: "Rumble in Mumbai"
(documentary on the 2004 World Social Forum)

Sunday, Nov. 13, 2005, 5:30 - 9:00 pm

The Artery, 5401 Jackson at Prospect, in Houston's Museum District,
north of Hermann Park.
Park on either street, enter on Prospect.
Link to map: http://tinyurl.com/4nh4j

Event Fee:
Free, but donations accepted if you'd like to support the Houston Social Forum
No one turned away.
Bring some food or drink to share for the dinner, plus flyers on any
upcoming events you want us to know about.

Join the Houston Social Forum planning group for a potluck dinner and
screening of "Rumble in Mumbai". The film documents the World Social
Forum held in Mumbai, India, January 2004 and the 100,000 plus people
who attended the forum, all looking to build solidarity--and a better
world. For those looking to understand the growing global malaise,
which the social forae seek to rectify, Rumble in Mumbai is a good
starting point.

The Houston Social Forum http://www.houstonsocialforum.org is a
regional event planned for spring 2006 that will address local as
well as global issues. It is comprised of diverse groups building
from common values. It is nongovernmental and nonpartisan but
actively supportive of true participatory democracy, nonviolent
resistance to world injustice and mechanisms that value people over
profit. HSF seeks active participation from groups and individuals
alike who share these values and concerns.

Questions? Ask me, or contact Heather at 832-860-0431,

Film information:
Rumble in Mumbai
The World Social Forum 2004
(2004) 58 minutes

Rumble in Mumbai documents the World Social Forum held in Mumbai,
India in January, 2004. With interviewees like Shirin Ebadi, Jose
Bove, Nawal Saadawi, and Walden Bello, and featuring the eloquent
speeches of Arundhati Roy, Mustafa Barghouti, Jeremy Corbyn, and
Irene Khan, Rumble in Mumbai is packed with high-caliber critiques of
neo-liberalism gone awry, and damning indictments of the ill effects
of globalization. And as with the forum itself, marginalized voices
are here given a platform to air their grievances: Dalit rights,
handloom weaver unionization, South Asian LGBT issues, communalism
and secretarianism, the plight of Palestinians living in the shadow
of a new Apartheid wall--these issues and many more are explored.

For more details on this event, see http://www.paa-tx.org/node/513

For information on the Houston Social Forum planned for next spring,
see http://www.houstonsocialforum.org

For information on the venue, see http://arteryhouston.org/