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Realistically, Few really, creditable, retired senior, flag or general
officers will be willing public criticize the administration.

but here are some ideas:

Col. (formerly Brigadier)
Janis Karpinski, US Army. (Abu Ghraib)  She's written a book,  I heard
her on Democracy Now the other day, being interviewed by Amy.  She was
very good, but she still thinks like a general (that's been "gotchaed"
and sacrificed.).,

Scott Ridder, Major, US Marine Corps (I think he's retired),  I heard
him and Seymour Hersh the other day on CSPN2 and the Audio was replayed
on Democracy Now, Seymour Hersh and Scott Ritter
on Iraq, WMDs and the Role of the Clinton Administration in the 1990s,

Then there is someone you might track down, Richard A. Gabriel,
Professor at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.  He is a
former army Intelligence officer and, I think, a retired Colonel in the
Army Reserve.  I read his book, Military Incompetence (written in
1985), Why the
American Military Doesn't Win.  I thought it was well, professionally
and fairly done.

It is difficult to get even people in the military who are openly
critical of it to their friends and associates, to do so in public. 
The reasons are varied and complex.

One of the more fruitful paths for the connection is to do some
research on recent statements of Flag officers who are in charge on the
ground in Iraq which contradict the rosy scenario pronouncements of the
administration and the pentagon.  There must be some college history
professor with an analytical mind (Who isn't a sycophant of the
administration) at U of H or Rice.

The Valerie Plame thing, is getting a lot play.  I get the feeling that
the CIA is now not so subtly "pushing back" at the administration,
because their opinions were totally ignored by the administration.

If anybody takes the trouble to go back to the release by the CIA and
MI-6 "dossiers" "proving" there were WMD in Iraq, I think you'll find
that you would not kill somebody on the quality of the information or
writing in those documents. (I'll have to admit, I did read very much
of them, because the things I did read were so "mealy-mouthed"

The media and rhetorics professors sure let us down on these.  But
times were different; then, we felt like we ought to give our
government the benefit of the doubt ... .  I hope we've learned

Unfortunately, I wouldn't get my hopes too high for the effectiveness
of the planned discussion.  The few times I watched the Connection, I
don't really get the feeling that anything controversial will really
get "nailed."  That is the factual points and their impact are never
quite really made clear to the audience.  It pretty much runs "he says,
he says" and the viewer doesn't have much to apply to discern the
difference, let alone form or change his own opinion, or consider some
action in response.

They could go a long way, to define "war on terror". Who is terrorizing

Then, if we attacked Iraq to free it's people from a tyrant, does that
mean we will go to war with all the tyrants and to free all oppressed

You might bring up the poppy crop in Afghanistan:

Have fun

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Charlie Lindahl wrote:


Do you know of anyone who could do the show on Nov 11th?



[PAA-Discuss] update on the request for a soldier to interview on PBS

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Update on the soldier request.  I just spoke to Laura Lucas again.
She is the producer on The Connection (PBS).  They are looking for
someone to balance the "other side" that is already lined up:  A
colonel (Colonel Austin Bay) and possibly a major,  both of whom are
supportive of this administration and the "war on terror" as well as
the Iraq war.

In light of this, the producers would really like to get a senior
officer to represent the other side. Vietnam vets, those opposed to
"war on terror" as well as possible Iraq veterans are most welcome.

If you know someone who can help, call Laura directly at

This is for the show that will air next Friday, November 11
(veterans day).  They ask that the participants be at the studio by
10:30 am.  They roll tape at 11:00am and it's a 30 minute show.

The show will air Friday Night at 8pm and again on Sunday (time?).


Let's get some solid representation on this show for the peace
side of the equation!