Heroes in Heaven - a poem for March 19th Sing Peace Event

Submitted by Sarah Gonzales on November 15, 2005 - 4:49pm. ::

presented by Emily Nghiem

Just a face, smiling on the wall
No one knew at all
How much I love you

Now, suddenly you're gone
How can I go on
Without you to see me through

But I believe in angels, I believe in fate
I believe the worst of times
Won't take away God's grace

I believe the saints He called
Will lead the human race
From this hour of darkness
To a brighter, better place

There's no doubt, the bravest and the best
The heavens now are blessed
Come shine your light down on us

And turn our prayers and our psalms
To charity and alms
Bring out the harvest

I believe in heaven, I believe in saints
I believe forgiveness can
Redeem the human race

When all the souls who gave their lives
So others might be saved
Come back as guiding angels
Reaching over time and space
I believe in you, you'll always be with me
Because the righteous few
You make the whole world free

May our heroes up in heaven
Defy the flames of war
There's hope for peace, where noble leaders
Cease to raise their swords

I believe in heaven, I believe in grace
I believe the tears of the innocent
Will mend our broken ways

For every loved one left behind
Or lost without a trace
Somewhere there's an angel
Who will guide the human race

I believe in you, you're watching over me
Because the righteous few
Will build a world of free
And everlasting peace

~Kris Chomout~C. Blayney~Emily N.