Peak Oil Conference Flyer 4-up

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What is Peak Oil?

After growing for a century, global oil production will peak soon and begin to decline. Then the price of oil will rise drastically changing our property values, food prices, and our economy. "Cheap oil is now just part of history. Expect $5.00 a gallon gasoline within the next few years." said Time magazine (5/9/05).

Peak oil will be between 2007 and 2009 forecasts Houston oil investment banker, Matthew Simmons. The US government thinks the peak may be decades from now. Other experts predict the peak in late 2005 or 2007. We’ll never agree about when the peak is until it’s well behind us say experts in the documentary film, The End of Suburbia.

This movie, to be shown at the mini conference, shows how the aftermath of peak oil will be the end of suburbia. When we built the suburbs far from work and shopping, we assumed that cheap oil would continue forever. It will take more than a decade for the US economy to adapt to declining oil production according to energy analyst Robert L. Hirsch in a February report to US Department of Energy.

For decades, movements have been growing that offer wise responses to peak oil: energy efficiency, alternative energy, sustainability, organic and local food, and smart growth. Come meet Houston representatives of these solution movements.

Are you ready for rising energy prices? Bring your questions and ideas as we face the challenges of transition and envision a future without cheap oil.

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