Election Assessment Hearing Press Release

Submitted by Sarah Gonzales on November 15, 2005 - 7:10pm. :: |

WHO: A coalition of election stakeholder organizations composed of technical and professional experts, computer engineers and experts, statisticians, researchers, attorneys and journalists who have been  investigating and analyzing problems with election processes in the November 2004 elections will gather from around the country for a citizen-initiated Election Assessment Hearing to deliver preliminary testimony of their findings to an independent panel.

WHAT: The goal of this non-partisan event is to bring to light critical election data not previously publicized, but necessary to repair and safeguard our democratic election processes. The Hearing will address critical issues not being covered by the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Electoral Reform, which will hold its second and final hearing in Houston the following day. Intended as an initial survey offering a more accurate and complete picture of issues observed in our electoral processes, the Election Assessment Hearing seeks to understand the breadth and diversity of concerns, to identify the current quality of election processes, to review and analyze the evidence and to facilitate the sustainable improvement of electoral processes by election administrators, policymakers, advisors, voters and other participants in the production of vote counts.

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