[PAA-MilRecruit] "Stop Stalking Our Kids" Meeting next Fri.

Submitted by PAAMember on November 19, 2005 - 7:00pm. ::

David Courtney and Sherry Glover, is this event one that you are
organizing? If so, please post it on our PAA calendar on
http://paa-tx.org/ and send a notice with details to the PAA Mil
Recruiting list (this one) and the PAA discussion list. If you
already did this, I missed it, and couldn't find it via a search on
our web site.
Posting a story about it on Houston Indymedia, and on their events
calendar, would also be helpful if we want to find more folks.

I guess you know that some of the folks at Live Oak Friends are also
doing truth-in-recruitment activities and we should be working with
them, too.

The event below is from the HPJC calendar at

"Stop Stalking Our Kids" Meeting -
7:15PM - Friday, November 25

For parents and citizens concerned about military
recruitment in our schools.
3759 Ingold.
For more information please contact David
at 713-665-4665 or Sherry at 713-828-1132.