Protest in Houston

Submitted by PAAMember on December 6, 2005 - 12:00pm. ::

The protest last night was awesome!  If you
didn't go, you really missed something great.


Since I haven't heard about the protest much on the
MSM, I have sent my own report to various resources to do my part to spread the
word! has put my report of the
protest on their website.  I used some pics from Houston Indy Media and put
the link in the report so those of you who have posted pics can get credit for
them.  My own pics did not turn out very well! 








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Submitted by PAAMember on December 6, 2005 - 12:00pm.

Last night's protest in Houston outside the
Cheney/DeLay fundraiser was enthusiastic and invigorating.  Initially
organizers expected around 150-200 participants, but there were actually close
to 300 protesters coming and going throughout the evening.  It was an
evening of nonviolent, peaceful protests against the war in Iraq, corporate
greed and just about any other unethical issue you can think of that Vice
President Cheney and Tom DeLay stand for. 


We equaled the number of participants at the
fundraiser, with estimates of the attendees there being around 300.


Diane Wilson of Code Pink was also there, inside
the fundraising event, along with another Code Pinker, Katie Helms.  While
Cheney was at the podium giving his speech, Diane stood up and interrupted him,
taking off her cape to display her own protest for all to see. 


The local Veterans for Peace rode an elevator to
the floor where the fundraiser was being held and were able to walk right up to
the ropes at the entry to the room, where they were turned away by
security.  They had a letter for Cheney, but were not able to deliver it or
to leave it for him. 


The Westin Oaks Hotel where the fundraiser was held
is inside the Galleria Mall.  Inside the mall other protesters were having
their own peaceful protest, walking around in Cheney and DeLay masks, taking
pictures with their "supporters" throughout the mall. 


And outside the mall, gathered all along Westheimer
Road were the rest of us, standing on the streets, chanting and waving our
signs, chatting with the drivers when they stopped at the red lights.  The
overwhelming majority of passers by were supportive, some joining in the chants,
giving us the peace sign and a "thumbs up"!  Riders on Metro buses chanted
with us when the buses stopped in front of us to collect passengers. 
Drivers held up their cell phones for their friends and families to hear our
chants and cheers.  Few people ignored us.  Even fewer showed their
lack of support by giving us the finger.  There were no


Pictures can be seen at href=""> and
are from a variety of sources.


Also check out href="">, where
the protest has been posted.