Cheney/DeLay protest report. New CNN Poll

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See below for more updates on last night's protest from John Cobarruvias of Bay Area New Democrats.  He was one of the organizers of the event.  BAND can be counted on to have a significant prescence whenever DeLay is in town, even (like last night) when the event isn't even in the Clear Lake area nor in DeLay's district.

John counted 287 protestors.  I think that's a fairly accurate number, although it was difficult to count because we were spread out over such a big area, some people came late, etc.  The Houston Chronicle said police estimated about 250.

Also check Houston IndyMedia - more stories, photos, and audio recordings have been posted there about the protest, including both some inside actions in the Galleria and the main outside protest along Westheimer.  If you have not sent your best photos there yet, please do so.  It's easy -- just click on the "Publish your news" link at the top right of the indymedia home page. We'll can also put some of the best photos on our PAA web site.

There's also a story and photo on Michael Moore's web site along with links to some of the news reports that Charlie sent to this list last night.

The Houston Chronicle has an article by political reporter Kristen Mack about the Cheney-DeLay fundraiser and the protest in today's paper, at .  In that article, he says "DeLay's camp said the demonstrators were not local, but planned professional protesters from as far away as San Francisco."  We know that's not true.  Even Diane Wilson of Code Pink, who was arrested in the reception, is from Seadrift TX (although not living there now, I believe).

In a related story, Chronicle reporter R. G. Ratcliffe tells us how "U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay suffered a blow to his efforts to regain his House leadership position when a judge ruled Monday that he should stand trial on felony money laundering charges in an election finance case", even though the judge dropped the charges in another case.

Thanks to all of you who came last night, who made signs or costumes, and who told your friends about it.  Whether you came or not, think about writing a short letter to the Houston Chronicle about Cheney, DeLay, torture, corruption, etc.  And tell them what you think about the DeLay organization's quote about us being "professional protestors".    Send letters to the editor, 250 words or less, as part of e-mail text to Include name, address, and day and evening phone numbers for verification purposes only. Letters subject to editing.


Below is from John Cobarruvias
New CNN Poll.
DeLay is in deep stuff. A new CNN poll (found at has "any Democrat" beating Tom DeLay 49% to 36% if the election was held today. (and we don't have just "any" Democrat running!) Only 39% have a favorable rating of him.

Cheney/DeLay protest.
"Instead of working in Washington to get our troops out of Iraq, Vice President Cheney is working in Houston to get Tom DeLay out of jail. This is shameful,"--John Cobarruvias

THANKS to everyone who attended, all 287 of you!!! ABSOLUTELY great event! We not only got the message out, but we had a great time. See a complete review with pictures at Please leave a comment to the story. You can do so anonymously.

P.S. DeLay's staff mentioned BAND by name in their press release. We have had an effect. We are on the map in his office. We are doing good things!

John R. Cobarruvias, President
Bay Area New Democrats
Houston, TX