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Democratic Party Hiding Popularity of Demand to Impeach

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The following was written by Willie Simmons, a long-time member of the Progressive Action Alliance. If you are reading this on the PAA home page, click on the article title to read the entire entry.

Karl Rove coming to town

Aug 12 2008 - 5:30pm
Aug 12 2008 - 7:30pm

Event Description:

Karl Rove will be in town 5:30-7:30 PM on Tuesday, August 12. He visits to raise funds for local candidates. Choose your issues for this opportunity!

Here is the first round of communications in 'our' circles around his presence:

AUSTIN Impeach & Peace Mega-March

Sep 15 2007 - 2:00pm
Sep 15 2007 - 5:00pm

Event Description:

Austin Impeach and Peace Mega-March & Rally
September 15, 2007 -- 2:00 PM
Austin City Hall to Texas Capitol

for more info, see URL at end,
and follow links at and

Event Sponsor:
Austin Impeach (a coalition of the Green Party, CodePink Austin, and AustinCantWait)

Event Website:

Impeachment Meeting 7 p.m. Thursday, June 28, 1827 W. Alabama

Jun 28 2007 - 6:30pm
Jun 28 2007 - 9:00pm

Event Description:

Come to the impeachment meeting 7pm Thursday, June 28, at the Havens Center 1827 W. Alabama.  Arrive a bit early - 6:30ish - and visit a while before the meeting.


As previously announced, Charlie Mauch has resigned as coordinator of the Houston Impeach Bush MeetUp since we schedule our meetings independent of MeetUp and therefore do not need to continue paying it a fee of $15 per month. Unless someone else wants to assume the position, we will disband the Impeach Bush MeetUp.

Event Sponsor:
Impeachment Committee of PAA

Impeachment 2007: The Summer of Our Discontent

Jun 2 2007 - 11:30am
Jun 2 2007 - 1:30pm

Event Description:

Meet with others to initiate events and actions to increase the momentum to impeach Bush and Cheney. Come share ideas and find resources. Learn what's going on and join in with others. Or come with new ideas and find others to help you.

Event Sponsor:
Harris County Green Party

Impeach flyers distributed at MLK parades

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See for the impeach flyers that were produced for the 2006 and 2007 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parades in Houston.

Impeach Bush-Cheney Bumper Sticker

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Impeach Bush-Cheney Bumper Sticker

Revised bumper sticker.
Top: "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" - white text, blue background
Bottom: "IMPEACH BUSH-CHENEY" - white text, red background in small text at bottom

Impeach Bush-Cheney Bumper Stickers-revised

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Get one (or many) of our highly-popular ""Support Our Troops - Impeach Bush-Cheney" bumper stickers and do your part to send a truly patriotic message, while getting more people thinking about the "I" word.

It seems clear that most elected officials and mainstream media are waiting for the public to initiate a demand to hold W accountable, so let's send the message!

Impeach Bumper Sticker image

Our bumper stickers are 3 x 10 inches, and may be removed and re-applied (a few times) for those times when you want to attend a Bush rally.  In addition, they are perfect for covering up scratches on your bumper or other places on your car, boat, plane, or military vehicle.  Perhaps you know of some troops in Iraq who might want some!

IMPEACHMENT: Our Right, Our Duty...Featuring Cindy Sheehan!

Apr 9 2007 - 6:00pm
Apr 9 2007 - 9:00pm

Event Description:


Our Right, Our Duty


* An event for networking, protesting, petition signing, postcard writing, tabling, food, drinks, videos, music, and speeches.


Event Sponsor:
Progressive Action Alliance, The World Can't Wait, Veterans for Peace, Harris County Green Party, Democracy for Houston

Event Website:

Impeachment Jamboree Planning Committee

Feb 27 2007 - 6:30pm
Feb 27 2007 - 8:30pm

Event Description:

The impeachment event on April 9th is fleshing out to become one heck of a gathering. At this meeting, we will be discussing three important things. The program of the event, The impeachment resolution to city council, and the Distribution of flyers (outreach).

Event Sponsor:
Impeach Bush Houston Meetup Group

Speak Out

Feb 28 2007 - 11:30am
Feb 28 2007 - 5:00pm

Event Description:

Speak Out!

The Bush Agenda. Understanding It. Stopping It.

The world faces a grave emergency. The very nature of U.S. society and its relationship to other countries are being reshaped in horrific ways before our eyes. Yet the full implications of these sweeping changes are not widely understood, even among those who oppose the Bush administration. This must change and resistance must grow.

Event Sponsor:
World Can't Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime

Event Website:

Impeach Action Group Meeting

Feb 22 2007 - 6:30pm
Feb 22 2007 - 8:30pm

Event Description:

Come join us in impeaching Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, et. al.

Some of the factors we have discussed at past meetings include:

1.    It is important to put forth the message to subsequent administrations that the reason for this impeachment is war.  (Not sex scandals, hotel burglaries, etc.)    Solutions for lasting peace require that our public servants understand that Americans do not tolerate war.

2.    Impeachment efforts can work hand in hand with other groups toward this common goal.

3.    There is a need for fundraising (see the Impeachment Fiesta committee meetings in this calendar) and for public education on the need for impeachment.

For Q's about this meeting, call Charles Mauch,    713-432-1277.    escramble('chasMauch','');

For Q's about the Impeachment Fiesta fundraiser, call Ivan Espinosa,  713-269-7781

Event Sponsor:
Progressive Action Alliance

Houston Freeway Blogging for Peace

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Tired of attending protests where the only people who see you are your fellow protestors?

Want to let the average Houstonian know that there are others who also want the US and Israel to stop their invasions and occupations in the Middle East?

Here's and easy and fun way for you and your signs to be seen by THOUSANDS of people during a weekday rush hour.  Join us as we hold up large signs and banners on one of the bridges over the Southwest Freeway and Gulf Freeway.  Short Videos   Photos   Photos on Indymedia   Houston Chronicle article

Impeachment Fiesta - Planning committee

Feb 15 2007 - 7:00pm

Event Description:

Impeachment Fiesta

Organizing meeting 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15 at the Daily Grind on 4115 Washington Ave. by Jackson Hill.

Help planning of Impeachment Fiesta set for Monday, April 9th with keynote speaker Cindy Sheehan.

Others contacted include:  Robt. Jensen, Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jackson Lee.
Location:  Possibly at Resurrection Church in Heights.

Committee Chair Ivan can be reached at         escramble('ie3456','');        713-269-7781 

Impeachment Action Group Founder Charles Mauch can be reached at    escramble('chasmauch','');        H:  713-432-1277.

Event Sponsor:
Progressive Action Alliance

Gulf Freeway Blogging 3

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Gulf Freeway Blogging 3

Photo taken Feb. 7, 2007, evening rush hour
Gulf Freeway, Houston
Picture showing some of the signs in the "Impeach Bush/End Iraq Occupation" themes

More Gulf Freeway Blogging

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More Gulf Freeway Blogging

The "Surge Smurge" sign was displayed to south bound traffic one morning although this direction is much better for evening. The amount of display area is smaller because of the road signs attached to the bridge.

Gulf Freeway Blogging

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Gulf Freeway Blogging

Morning drive time. One sign shown to north bound traffic from a Gulf Freeway pedestrian bridge just south of the Loop 610. Although traffic is dense here, this site is not as interactive as blogging over the Southwest Freeway.

Houston Impeach Bush Meetup

Jan 25 2007 - 6:30pm
Jan 25 2007 - 8:30pm

Event Description:

Join us for our January meeting. It will be a planning and networking meeting. We'll be following up on plans to have a public video screening and discussion, and also hash out some details about contacting local groups that support impeachment, like Veterans For Peace and Progressive Action Alliance.

Event Contact Name:
Charlie Mauch

Event Phone Contact Information:

Event Email Address:

Event Website:

Impeachment & Peace activities planning meeting

Nov 16 2006 - 9:00pm
Nov 16 2006 - 10:30pm

Event Description:

This is a followup to the Nov. 9 PAA meeting where we discussed ideas for promoting impeachment and getting the US out of Iraq. We'll meet after the ACLU fundraiser movie "Shut Up & Sing" about the Dixie Chicks and their treatment after they spoke up about Bush (see for info on that movie) at Mykonos Restaurant (Greek food and more) to continue the discussions we started Nov. 9. Those who are not coming to the movie are welcome to come early and have dinner (or dessert, or just something to drink) and discuss what you'd like to do to for impeachment and bringing the troops home.

Event Contact Name:

Event Phone Contact Information:

Impeach & Peace Sign Making Party

Nov 12 2006 - 12:01pm
Nov 12 2006 - 8:00pm

Event Description:

The smell of impeachment and peace are in the air, and we want to do our part to get more people thinking about it. Bring those political yard signs you yanked up after the election, along with large pieces of cardboard or old sheets, and join us as we convert them into signs promoting getting out of Iraq, and impeachment. This will go on regardless of weather, in Bill & Cheryl Crosier's peace sign-painting laboratory (garage).

Event Contact Name:
Bill & Cheryl Crosier

Event Phone Contact Information:

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