Fighting Back Workshop: Education Forum

May 5 2006 - 12:00pm
May 6 2006 - 1:00pm

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Agenda for Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP)Democracy For Houston (DFH) Education Workshop

May 6, 2006 12:30pm-4pm

1445 N. Loop W. @ Ella Blvd, suite #110

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suggested donation:  $10. refreshments and handouts included. Register via email, fax, or at the door. 

2nd in a Series of Interactive Workshops created to energize and inform concerned citizens by helping them better understand the Democratic perspective on provocative issues of the election year.

Future Forum topics include: May 20th: Energy; June 17th: Environment; July 22nd: Health care; August 19th: Labor and working conditions; September 9th: Security; October 14th: Clean government 


Much of the harsh partisan bickering that exists between Republicans and Democrats stems from a basic misunderstanding of the core values of each.  Democrats have come to realize that many Republicans have similar values to Democrats, but they are misinformed on the details of Democratic positions and why we believe as we do. 

Thus, Democrats want to prepare ourselves and reach out to others who are willing to entertain intelligent conversations with friends, neighbors, and co-workers; many of whom are often aligned on opposite Party sides. By defining our values and demonstrating the similarities of values between all people of good will, Democrats are providing a “frame” to bridge the knee-jerk and hostile reactions that are blocking real solutions to the country’s major social issues.  Such discussion is expected to facilitate a meaningful dialog so that real solutions can be negotiated.  This “framed approach” is based upon the philosophy and work of author, George Lakoff; and similarly, the Rockridge Institute of Berkley, CA



Harris County Democratic Party headquarters


“Value Frames” – What are some of the values that might be useful in talking about education issues and why should we offer them?

Murvin Auzenne, Chairman, HCDP Messaging Committee


“No Child Left Behind”-the big picture.  An assessment of the controversial national policy on testing and funding. Dr. Rod Paige is from Houston, but his policies may not best for the country.

Diane Trautman, Candidate for St. Rep. Distr. # 127 (Kingwood/Humble).  Diane is currently an Assistant Professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, Educational Leadership Dept.  She has been a hands-on educator for 23 years; as teacher in Houston and Humble ISDs and principal in Conroe and Tomball ISDs.


Discussion, Q&A

Margaret Jordan moderates




“What are the Issues in Texas and Harris County?” Only nine states spend less on education than Texas; and the Special Session that is currently under way will most certainly not change this ranking. Handouts include some comparative rankings of major urban ISDs.  

Sherrie Matula, Candidate for St. Rep. Distr. # 129 (Clear Lake area). Sherrie has been a teacher for 25 years in Pasadena and Clear Creek ISDs; 5-time nominee for “Teacher of the Year”, and former Clear Creek ISD School Board Member.


Discussion, Q&A

Margaret Jordan moderates


Small Groups – These are interactive meetings, so audience participation is critical.

Groups will discuss among themselves the values and positions they wish to see as part of the public dialog about on education.


Small group reports and general discussion.



Starting the dialog: Summarizing the lessons learned in terms of values held by Democrats and the positions held by others.

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Harris County Democratic Party and Democracy for Houston

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Murvin Auzenne

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10 dollar donation