Pre-Convention Workshop for Progressive Texas Democrats

Jun 3 2006 - 1:00pm
Jun 3 2006 - 5:00pm

Event Description:

This special workshop is for progressive delegates and alternates attending the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) state convention the following week.

This is being organized by members of the PAA, PPC, DFH, and other local progressive groups.  It is NOT for all delegates -- just for those wanting to help turn the TDP around in a positive direction, that focuses on electing progressive candidates who will talk about issues like election reform, the prison-industrial complex, improving public education, health care for all, regulation (such as for pollution, energy, and more) being controlled by the regulated, getting out of Iraq, impeachment, ending the assault on our civil liberties, and more. If you are reading this on the PAA home page, click on the title of this event for details.

Tentative agenda includes:

  • Focus on why attending the state convention is important to progressives
  • Update on what we know concerning the platform, rules changes, state party candidates, etc.
  • What happens at the state convention, convention schedule, special interest & SD caucuses, etc. along with important times delegates should be there
  • Break out sessions so people in each Senate District can get together to get to know each other, go over who to support in their SD caucus, determine who can run for open positions where no progressive is running
  • Overview of Robert's Rules/parliamentary procedures/TDP rules for the convention and for its committees, to help you more effectively participate, especially if you want to be on a committee
  • Details of a demonstration being planned (tentatively) for the convention by Peace Action Texas and other progressives
  • Getting to the convention, hotels, etc.

We'll have time for questions & answers during the workshop, too.

We plan to have a written handout with a summary of important information on it, and will post it here after the workshop.  However, it won't be as complete as what we have during the workshop.

All progressive Democrats should attend this workshop if at all possible.

Event Sponsor:
Progressive Action Alliance, Progressive Populist Caucus, others

Event Contact Name:
Bill Crosier

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Event Email Address:

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