PAA General Meeting Minutes Thursday, March 10, 2010

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PAA Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2010
Convened 7:10 p.m. Leisure Learning Unltd.

Robert Graham Bart Boyce
Jon Axford Don Cook
Bill Crosier Ted Weisgal
Mary Hintikka Colleen O’Brien

Treasurer’s Report: $673.76 balance

Activism, Committee/Action Group reports; Discussion/Updates
Note: See web sites for PAA, KPFT and Houston Indymedia websites for more info on events below
• Saturday, March 20, End the Occupations Rally, Mason Park, Organizers David and Ramona Smith;
• Saturday, March 20, Senate District Conventions
• Green Party Ballot Access Petition Drive
• Partner Organization for next month
• Film/social gathering
• HPJC Spring Conference on Localism May 1
• Health Care Reform Update other topics

How to energize PAA? What are the leverage points for change? Where can we be most effective?
• Media
• Money
• Campaign/Electoral reform

Counterspin: Get it back on air; Program Council unanimously moves to return Counterspin to air; how to address management’s failure to respond; Patrick Kennedy railed against media’s absence during historic war powers debate in House Wednesday, 3-10-10; Next KPFT LSB Meeting 240 W. 18th; March 17, public comments at 9 p.m. attend and demand Counterspin’s return;

Green Party Ballot Access Petition Drive: Waiting on an elusive, substantive donation; in its absence, a lot of ideas for getting the signatures;

Partner Organization suggestions: Transition Houston, Sedition Books; HealthCare for all Texas; Houston Peace & Justice Center; Fire Collective; Coffee Party (Teabagger counterpart);

Reevaluation counseling/co-counseling one on one therapy premised like time shares

Health Care for all Texas: Improved medicare for all (single payer i.e. Fed govt; choice of health care provider;

March 16 Gateway to Care: Nonprofit health care agencies; Colleen to write press release about failure to debate single payer resulting in a malformed legislation if passed; resulting in failure to pass the legislation if it fails.

Sunday March 21 Forum on Healthcare St. John’s Methodist; Crawford and Gray;

9 p.m. Wednesday, March 24, on Health Care for all Texas on Greenwatch

Mary Hintikka – School pest management requires least toxic means; Need folk to attend school board meetings and demand compliance; Ban pesticides at schools; rules and regulations at state level, which are disregarded due to corruption; Texas Dept of Agriculture; Venues for broadcasting/exposing issue: Open journal; Eco-ology; Threshholds; Progressive Forum; Leo Gold

7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 10 Movie Screening Food Inc. or Daniel Elsberg: The Most Dangerous Man in America Chez Bob & Nancy Henschel; include letter writing as part of

Saturday, March 13 Meeting at Menil Museum and marching to property at corner of land HEB purchased

Adjourned 9:06 p.m.