[PAA Webteam] preparing for switching ISPs / can anyone add events?

Submitted by PAAMember on August 29, 2005 - 12:09pm. ::

Hello webteam!

after much deliberation with configuration, etc... we finally setup
shop at a new internet service provider last Friday. BOTH domains are
still in place and will be until we can get the content moved from
the old site to the new. One piece of good news is that we will have
a "staging" or testing website which is completely separate from our
live PAA website where people can try out things to their heart's
content, even break things (although that's definitely not the goal)
- I'll send info on that later.

I don't have your passwords, but your usernames are as follows (yes
capitalization matters and yes, there is a space in the username). If
you don't recall your password, you can simply visit

Directly beneath the login area, there's an option to 'request a
new password" - you can have it emailed to you if you need it.

* Tammy Halphen
* Randy Scott
* Lee Taylor

We want to coordinate this effort, not have 3 people doing the same
thing / duplicating effort - can anyone indicate whether they have
time to complete this request or not? Please reply to the group.

In particular, I need some help with adding the upcoming events to
the calendar.

You would need to add the events from => http://
www.progressiveactionalliance.org/ to our new site using Civicspace.

You would do this by visiting => http://www.paa-tx.org/ => login

* on the left side, click on create content => event

- It is important for the event title to be descriptive, please avoid
lots of acronyms, some people genuinely may not know what they are.

- I realize it's a hassle, but where possible, please enter the
complete location information including zip code. If you don't enter
the zip code, 2 things happen. The look up event by location (zip
code) won't work and the yahoo maps won't work. Zip code is required.
If you don't have *any* location info, or have limited location info,
don't enter anything in the location at all - just put everything in
the body of the event. It's cleaner.

- I have setup categories for events - it is important for us to
properly categorize events so that they show up on the proper
calendars and we can sort them as well.

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Submitted by PAAMember on August 30, 2005 - 12:01am.

Sarah & Charlie have really been working hard to get things going for
our new web site and e-mail lists. Besides fixing bugs in the
software, trying to get another e-mail program to do what we needed,
and trying to work out some problems with our former Internet Service
Provider (ISP), they've been busy with the details for our particular
web site's and e-mail lists' needs. We're almost there, folks!

Does someone have time to write something to replace the generic
"Welcome to your new CivicSpace-powered website..." paragraphs that
greet people when they see our new home page (currently only at
http://www.paa-tx.org/ until we get everything ready). This is a
good place to put whatever we want EVERYONE to see when they come to
our web site -- current hot topics (Cindy Sheehan visit, links to one
or two important web sites, why people should visit the forums, etc.
Or for now, say "Welcome to our new PAA web site. Here's what's new
and how to use it... Here's how to post to the forums (get a user
name, log in, click on create content, etc.) Here's how to sign up
for our e-mail lists... More features will be added in the near

Also, who has some time to post at least one message to each forum
that can serve as an example of what can go there? Or even better,
contact the committee chairs/action group leaders and ask them to
write something to post there (here's where to put news, meeting
announcements, questions, etc. related to impeachment.... etc.)

I assume we should have moderators for each forum/e-mail list before
we advertise it, and make sure the moderators know what they need to
do & how to do it.