Re: [PAA-Webteam] porting everything over-PAA web sites

Submitted by PAAMember on November 18, 2005 - 7:00pm. ::

Thanks to all of Sarah's work this week (and of course all the
earlier work by Charlie & Randy), I think we have everything moved
over from our old web site at to
our new one at .

Unless someone knows of something that's missing, I think we can shut
down the old web site, and point its URL to our new web site so
people can get to the new one via either or .
Sarah and/or Charlie, can you please make sure everything is backed
up from our old web site, just in case we find something missing
later? If you need the password to get into our Verio account for
changing the IP addresses to our new web site, let me know.

We could still use volunteers to help post events on our calendar and
upload other content, so please be thinking of that. If you know of
someone who'd like to help, let us know. It seems considerably
easier with the new web site, and it has a lot of other new features
that can help us, too. I'd especially like to get photos and other
stuff posted that will make people want to go to the web site.
Photos from the march/rally tomorrow, the HSF movie screening last
Sunday, and the upcoming Wal-Mart movie this Sunday, would be great
to post if someone can please do that.

Thanks again for all of the help from Sarah to finish getting everything ready.

After this transition, we can go back to using our old domain name
( when we want to tell people about our
calendar and other stuff on our web site. And of course we'll keep
the, too. It's especially nice having the shorter name
for our e-mail lists.


, At 10:33 AM -0600 11/17/05, Sarah Gonzales wrote:
>On Nov 16, 2005, at 9:24 PM, Bill Crosier wrote:
>>The links to our resolutions on
>>still don't work. They have "" as the domain name,
>>but even after taking out the extra periods at the end I get file
>>not found messages for all the links I tried.
>ack! it added ../ in all the links - this is now fixed and they all work!
>>The link to the Hou Chronicle story on Mar. 19 is to the file on
>>the old web site, so we need to move it over (if it isn't already)
>>and change the link before the old web site is shut down.
>>The Mar. 19 event summary (after) at
>>still isn't moved over (although it probably isn't too important,
>>as it was a note that I e-mailed to people on our discussion list
>>after the event).
>it's here:
>This page...
>maps to this
>and is accessible via the M19 Sing Peace downloads page here
>and the event summary is here
>it's all there.

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Submitted by PAAMember on November 19, 2005 - 9:00pm.


hope I haven't jumped the gun too much, but I went ahead and moved
all the domains to point to our new site - the old site may be
inaccessible for a time until the redirection is completed.

I hope this doesn't cause anyone any issues.