Don't Let the Switch to Digital TV Hurt Consumers

Submitted by PAAMember on December 19, 2005 - 1:01am. ::

You may not know it, but your TV could soon go dark. Congress is getting ready to take up legislation that would set a firm date for all television signals to switch from the signal you receive now to an all-digital one. Yet, millions of Americans do not have a TV capable of getting this new digital signal. Some consumers could wind up having to buy a brand new TV or a set-top converter box (estimated cost of at least $50 each).

Congress is in the process of deciding who should pay for the government mandated switch. The government will auction off the channels that are currently used for local TV broadcasting potentially earning billions of dollars which could be used to pay for consumers' set-top converter boxes.

Then forward this message to all your friends and family and ask them to tell Congress to limit broadcaster control of local media, and to make sure that consumers don't bear the financial burden for this digital switch.

Thanks for your help.