The "I" word finally catching on

Submitted by PAAMember on January 15, 2006 - 2:02am. ::

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Zogby's polls indicate that a majority of Americans favor impeachment
if Bush lied about the war, and it's now very clear to all but the
willfully blind that he did in fact lie. Of course I believe most Americans
now favor impeachment for a variety of other reasons in addition to the war, but
the major polling organizations refuse to conduct polls that even ask the
question. Their excuse has been that it is not being seriously
discussed in the congress or the major media or among the big foot
political pundits, so they can't poll on the question. Hopefully that is
starting to change.

Elizabeth Holtzman has written a cover story for the latest issue of the
Nation Magazine entitled The Impeachment of George Bush. It is a long article
that sets out in detail the entire argument for a bill of impeachment and can be
read on the Downing Street website at the link below. The Nation is not exactly
major media but it is a feisty progressive journal that hopefully will be an
icebreaker for others to make the unmentionable "I" word a bit more mentionable.
Please check it out.


Charlie Mauch