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I was also told that something similar was in the Alvin paper
announcing that SS was going to be put to a trial run.



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US Military Draft Announced in Simple Code Today by President Bush

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{EXCERPT} OpEdNews, PA To anyone capable of speaking the English

language President George W. Bush today announced a Military Draft for

The United States of America..... ..


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December 20, 2006

U.S. Military Draft
Announced in Simple Code Today by President Bush

By Karen Fish

anyone capable of speaking the English language President George W.
Bush today announced a Military Draft for The United States of America.
President Bush said today, Tuesday December 19, 2006, in the Oval
Office, "It is an accurate reflection that this ideological war
(Christianity versus Islam; Democracy versus Dictatorship) we're in is
going to last for a while and that we're going to need a military
that's capable of being able to sustain our efforts and to help us
achieve peace. I'm inclined to believe that we do need to increase our
troops - the Army, the Marines. And I talked about this to Secretary
Gates and he is going to spend some time talking to the folks in the
building, come back with a recommendation to me about how to proceed
forward on this idea." President Bush said that his decision to
increase the size of the armed forces was in response not just to the
war in Iraq, but to the broader struggle against Islamic extremists
around the globe.

Here is the simple meaning in context of the
words spoken today by President Bush. Three years ago President Bush
announced that he was launching a "Crusade". This is why Muslims refer
to Americans as "Crusaders". The Crusades were a thousand years ago
when the Pope marched his Christian army across Europe massacring every
Jew in their way to reclaim the Holy Land, Israel, for Christianity,
until the Crusaders stood knee deep in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. So
far President Bush has conquered Muslim Afghanistan and Muslim Iraq and
now he is threatening Muslim Syria and Muslim Iran.

Last week
President Bush's National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley said that the
United States could not allow the Muslims to use oil as a weapon
against the United States. The Persian Gulf contains two thirds of the
world's oil supply. Iraq's desert is a thin covering over an enormously
vast Ocean of oil. It costs $1 per barrel to remove this oil from the
ground. This oil can be sold for $75 a barrel. Oil equals Cash equals
100 Megaton Nuclear Missiles, Chemical and Biological Weapons of Mass
Destruction. The nuclear bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only
50 Kiloton bombs. Think computer kilobytes versus megabytes.

"ideological" war referred to by President Bush today is the battle
over who will control the Persian Gulf Ocean of Oil. The Muslims are
divided into two camps, Shiite and Sunni. The Sunni Muslims in Iraq are
Iraqi, Syrian, Saudi Arabian and Al Qaeda. The Shiite Muslims in Iraq
are Iraqi, Iranian and Hezbollah. Both Shiite Iran and Sunni Al Qaeda
have vowed to wipe both Israel and the United States of America off the
face of the map forever and to conquer the world for Islam. The Koran
says, "Make war on the Christians and Jews and Infidels, and you will
be rewarded for your heroism with eternal paradise, crystal clear lakes
and streams, 72 virgins and endless wine with no side effects." (Koran
Sura 9:5, 29-30; Sura 56).

The United States learned on 9/11
that you cannot always wait for the enemy to throw the first punch.
Sometimes you have to use pre-emptive action. President Bush feels that
the United States must now conquer the Middle East before the Sunnis or
Shiites grab the Middle East and make good on their threats to wipe the
United States off the face of the Earth and conquer the world for
Islam. President Bush believes that if he does not conquer the Middle
East now then the Muslims will wipe every Christian off the face of the
earth forever with their weapons of mass destruction. The Muslim winner
of the Middle East will also be able to choke off the American economy
by refusing to sell oil to the U.S. and selling it to China instead.
Every Christian is now waiting for the return of Jesus Christ. In the
Holy Christian Bible Jesus Christ says, "I have not come to bring you
peace but the sword." Jesus Christ says that upon his return he would
command his Christian angels to throw every single non Christian man,
woman and child into the fire and kill them all because they all were
devils. (Matthew 13:36-43).

So the fight now, the battle of
Armageddon, Nuclear World War 3, over the Middle East oil is about to
begin. We are animals, we live in the jungle, and the law of the jungle
is "Kill or be killed." Last week one of the top American Generals told
Congress that the United States military was now at the breaking point.
It is clear that America cannot conquer the Middle East oil, and keep
it out of Shiite or Sunni control without a vastly larger military. The
only way to achieve this is by instituting a military draft. Defense
Secretary Rumsfeld was so unpopular that he could not have announced a
draft. This is why President Bush replaced him with Robert Gates

Here is the problem. Even with a larger military,
The United States cannot conquer the Middle East without using weapons
of mass destruction. Russia is building the Iranian nuclear reactor in
Bushehr Iran and just delivered to Iran 1 billion dollars worth of
surface to air missiles to protect the Iranian nuclear reactor. Russia
wants the Middle East oil too but they hate the Muslims in Afghanistan
and Chechnya too. Every nuclear scientist knows that Nuclear World War
3, our present heading will have no survivors. This is why President
Bush feels compelled to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of Iran,
which has now offered their nuclear technology to all the other Muslim
states and terrorist organizations.

The Jewish, Christian and
Muslim people all follow the Old Testament. In Psalm 2 the Messiah of
all 3 religions is to come and smash all non believers into a million
pieces and conquer the world for their religion. Last week the United
Nations High Level Group of the Alliance of Civilizations reported that
the problem today between Christianity, Islam and Judaism does not have
a religious cause. Is there a way out of this mess?

The only
way to pre-empt the extinction of life on Earth forever in Nuclear
World War 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter and then ultraviolet
summer is by making peace, for the people of Earth to all unite as one
now. We have become too technologically advanced for Nuclear World War
3. War no longer works and only peace does. In case we forgot to
mention, President Bush announced a military draft today. He's fighting
a Crusade, he says.

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Authors Bio: Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles
California. The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion makes peace
among and unites Christianity Islam Judaism and Everyone else and the
Countries they all live in as the first step towards world peace.