Progressive Alliance Conference of Texas, with Dennis Kucinich

Mar 10 2007 - 9:30am
Mar 10 2007 - 4:00pm

Event Description:

Progressive organizations from around Texas are coming together on Saturday, March 10, in San Antonio, to network and build alliances so we can all have a more powerful political influence, both in Texas and nationally.

The keynote speaker will be Dennis Kucinich.

Also speaking at the conference will be leaders of several other progressive organizations.  See below for the program details.

Update (Mar. 7): Julie Cuniglio, Director of the Texas Region of the Progressive Democrats of America , has had to cancel due to illness, and the first session Saturday morning (PDA meeting) hjavascript:mceToggle('edit-flexinode_7', 'wysiwyg4flexinode_7');as been cancelled.

Groups committed so far to participate in the Progressive Alliance Conference of Texas (as part of the program and/or with a table for information, literature, etc.) include:

The Progressive Populist Caucus (PPC) is having its annual statewide meeting in San Antonio this year, in conjunction with this event, and is the lead organizer.  The Progressive Action Alliance and other progressive groups plan to participate, too. (list being formed)

Note:  The Progressive Alliance of Texas Conference is not endorsing candidates.  All candidates, and supporters of progressive candidates or issues, are welcome to participate, though.

The goal is to get various progressive groups together at one place and time, so we can share with each other what we're doing and what we're all planning for the near future, discuss lobbying ideas while the state legislature is in session, and strategize on how to help each other out on national, state, and/or local issues.  Organizations that consider themselves to be progressive are invited.


The conference is at San Antonio's Northeast Service Center "Toolyard"  at 10303 Toolyard, in northeast San Antonio.  Note that this is a change from the original tentative location.

It's on the south side of Wurzbach Parkway---between Perrin Beitel and Thousand Oaks --- west of I-35 and north of the north loop I-410.

The "Toolyard" is the very first building to the right when you wind in on Toolyard Road.  You cant miss it with the impressive giant tool sculptures!

The Google and Mapquest map generators do not work for this address.  Use this instead: Map

There is plenty of free parking there.



If you'd like to carpool from the Houston/southeast Texas area to San Antonio, please contact Kris Graham and let her know when you'd like to leave and come back, where you live, along with your name, e-mail address, and phone.  You can reach Kris at escramble('graham2639',''); or 713-460-0676.

If you live in another part of Texas and can help coodinate carpools from you area, contact Kris and let her know, so we can put your contact info here, too. 


Food and Registration Fees: 

Box lunches will be provided for those who pay in advance before noon Friday, March 9.  If you don't pay in advance, we probably won't have lunch for you unless someone cancels.  To pay in advance, you may do this online using PayPal, or send us a check.

You are welcome to bring your own lunch, and this is highly recommended if you don't pay for lunch in advance.  There are also nearby restaurants, although you may miss part of the conference if you leave to go eat.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, but we recommend the following donations to help us defray costs:

  • PACT registration only (no lunch):   $10
  • PACT registration & lunch - regular or vegetarian:    $20
  • PACT table for an organization (for literature and sales of t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.), no lunch:   $20
  • Note: Getting a table pays for one person's registration fee, but not lunch.
  • PACT table for an organization plus lunch for one person:   $30

To pay online:

Please go to the PAA home page then scroll down and click on the PayPal/Donate link near the bottom of the left column.

In the PayPal page that comes up, please type in one of the following in the "Payment for" box (or copy from here and past in the blank):

  • PACT registration -no lunch
  • PACT registration & lunch-regular
  • PACT registration & lunch-vegetarian
  • PACT table for _____ (organization name)
  • PACT table for _____ (organization name) & lunch (specify reg. or veg.)

Then enter the appropriate dollar amount in the Price box ($20.00 for registration and lunch, $10 for registration-no lunch, $20 for an organization table/one registration (or $30 for a table/registration plus lunch).

To pay by check:

It's now too late to mail in a check, but you can pay with cash or a check at the conference.

If you have questions about payments you already mailed in, call Lori at 210-491-0800.


Schedule, program

The afternoon will include presentations from the leaders of each progressive group, telling about their mission, goals and work.

The final keynote speech will be given by Dennis Kucinich. 

(All of this schedule is tentative and could change.) 

Different organizations are welcome to have events in the morning or evening.  For example, Texas friends of Dennis Kucinich are planning fund raisers for him that evening  (Details).

If you are with a progressive group and would like to take part in the meeting, please contact Bill Crosier at 713.641.4941 or escramble('paa',''); -- be sure to indicate what organization you represent, and if you'd like to have a table for literature, if you'd like to help publicize this event, etc.  Update:  The program is full, and all available tables have been reserved, but you can bring your own table if you wish, if you make a reservation in advance so we'll have space for you.  Table space is still just $10 more than a single registration.


TENTATIVE Schedule for March 10 - Progressive Alliance Conference of Texas

  • 10:15 a.m.- TDP SDEC Campaign Finance Committee proposal meeting

  • 11:00 a.m. - PPC Annual meeting: Details here
    • Election of Officers
    • Proposed changes to Standing Rules
    • Awards

  • 12:00 noon - Box lunches available for $10, but only for those who have registered
  • 12:30 p.m. - Whistle Stop Tour – David Van Os

  • 12:45 p.m. - Roy LaVerne Brooks, Vice Chair, Texas Democratic Party

  • 1:00 p.m. - Charles Soechting, past Chair, Texas Democratic Party

  • 1:15 p.m. - Impacts of Free Trade on the Progressive Agenda - Panel led by Charlie Urbina Jones

    Panelists include: 
    • Marc Jacobson, Director of the Texas Fair Trade Coalition – to discuss lobbying Congress 
    • San Antonio Toll Party – to discuss TTC, eminent domain, etc.
    • David Wells, Sierra Club
    • Kat Swift, Green Party of Texas
    • Bill Barker, Solar San Antonio

  • 2:15 PM - American Civil Liberties Union of Texas
    Marti Garza, Associate Director

  • 2:30 PM - Progressive Action Alliance – Forming Alliances
    Bill Crosier, Co-chair, PAA

  • 2:45 PM - Veteran’s Alliance of South Texas
    Dr. Garza

  • 3:00 PM - Progressive Populist Caucus of the Texas Democratic Party
    Sheril Smith, State Chair

  • 3:10 PM - Congressman Dennis Kucinich and wife Elizabeth, keynote address

  • 4:00 PM    Progressive Alliance Conference of Texas adjourns.


Dennis Kucinich will also be at two fundraisers that evening, separate from this conference -- the first in San Antonio, and the second in Austin. 

Details are at the Texans for Kucinich web site.


Event Sponsor:
Progressive Populist Caucus, Progressive Action Alliance, others