[PAA-DoP] [Action] Call Congress Wed.-support Dept. of Peace

Submitted by PAAMember on September 13, 2005 - 11:00pm. ::

On Wednesday September 14, legislation to establish a U.S. Department
of Peace will be re-introduced in the House of Representatives by
Dennis Kucinich and other representatives. We need your help to show
our elected officials that there is a broad and growing movement to
support the creation of a cabinet-level Dept. of Peace. We must make
it clear that we the people want our government to invest in the
structures and systems necessary to promote a culture of nonviolence.

We need you to ask as many friends, family, and colleagues as
possible to make a quick call on the morning of September 14th urging
their Congressional Representatives to support the bill.

People attending the National Dept. of Peace (DoP) conference last
weekend in Washington DC got a head start contacting their
Congressional representatives.

However, the rest of us should all contact our reps Wed. to encourage
them to support the bill which would authorize this new Department,
which could be easily funded from a very small fraction of the
Defense Dept. budget. The DoP could do so much to begin to reverse
the trend of violence in the schools, homes, and neighborhoods across
the US, and in helping people of the US learn that alternatives to
violence DO work in solving and preventing conflicts both here and
abroad. During the last session of Congress, the bill got a lot of
co-sponsors, but not enough. This year, the need is even more acute
and obvious.

For more details on Wednesday's phone-a-thon to Congress, see

For general information on the Department of Peace campaign, and on
the national conference held last weekend with speakers that included
Marianne Williamson, Dennis Kucinich, Walter Cronkite, John Conyers,
and many other notable national leaders, see

Let's make it happen!