Resolutions for your Mar. 4 Precinct Convention & Mar. 29 SD Convention

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(updated Mar.7 for SD conventions)
Resolutions provide a way of educating other political activists about issues you care about, and form the basis of the party platform, and can be introduced at the Precinct Conventions and also at the state Senate District conventions. If you are reading this on the PAA home page, click on the "read the rest" link for details

We now have about 50 resolutions on a wide variety of progressive topics here on our web site. If you did not get your favorite ones passed at your precinct convention on March 4, you have another chance, and you also can help ensure that ones that passed at the precinct level can move up to the state convention. Tell your Senate District chair that you want to be on your SD Resolutions Committee that meets Mar. 29 as part of your SD convention. But don't wait until the SD convention to ask -- do it today! Then pick resolutions on your favorite issues, print out a few copies, and take them to your SD convention. Many of these are resolutions we wrote in 2004 and 2006, but we have gone through all of them to update them as appropriate. New ones have also been added.

All of our resolutions are at

More good ones are at: Burnt Orange Report resolutions

You can get contact information for your Senate District chair from your county Democratic Party web site or office. For Harris Co. the information is at

Phillip Martin has a great two-part explanation (Everything You Need To Know About the Texas Delegate Process) in two parts, on the Burnt Orange Report:
Part 1 (about how Texas' national delegates are allocated)
Part 2 (Details about each State Senate District in Texas)

Here are two very useful summaries of important information prepared by the Progressive Populist Caucus:
Participating In Or Chairing Your Democratic Precinct Convention (Mar. 4)
Participating in Your Senate District or County Convention (Mar. 29)

And still more ideas to help you with resolutions at your precinct convention are in this blog entry:

If you have a resolution on a different topic, that you'd like us to include here, or have corrections to ones that we have, please e-mail the information to and be sure to put "resolution" and the topic of the resolution somewhere in the subject line. We'll try to get updates added (and resolutions on topics not included here) but we can't guarantee it since time is short. New ones should follow our Resolution-Writing Guidelines

More information on precinct conventions from Jim Boynton, Primary Director of the Texas Democratic Party:
In an effort to provide you with more information on attending and participating in the upcoming precinct conventions and to answer some of your most frequently asked questions, we have prepared the documents found at the links below.
Frequently Asked Questions About the Precinct Convention Process
Handling of Provisional Participation at Precinct Conventions

Please take a moment to read them and feel free to contact the Texas Democratic Party if you have any questions.