Democratic Primary Endorsements

Submitted by Bill Crosier on February 29, 2008 - 7:09pm. ::

A number of progressive organizations have made their list of endorsements public, and since they've spent the time to look at various candidates, their endorsement lists may be useful to you, especially for down-ballot positions. If you are reading this on the PAA home page, click on the title of this article, or the "read the rest" link for details.

For judicial candidates and others whom I don't know much about, I usually go by endorsements of organizations I trust.

The Progressive Action Alliance does not publicly endorse candidates, because we are not a PAC or similar group and we aren't registered with the FEC.

So, here are some organizations whose endorsements you might want to consider. Some of these are more progressive than others, and some are primarily interested in candidates' positions on just one or a few issues, so bear that in mind when you look at their endorsements.

For organizations with an asterisk (*) below -- I could not find their endorsement list, but am pretty sure they endorse candidates (some candidates are claiming the group endorsed them). If you can help me find the endorsements for those groups, let me know.

Harris County Democrats (This is the group founded by Billie Carr, not the County organization of Dems)

Sierra Club Political Committee of Texas

Texas Progressive Alliance (ignore the annoying ads near the top of the page -- they are not endorsements!)

Houston GLBT Political Caucus

Houston Area Stonewall Democrats

Houston Stonewall Young Democrats

Harris County Young Democrats*

Black Dems (Houston)*

Harris County AFL-CIO*

Houston Federation of Teachers*

Texas State Teachers Association

Texas State Employees Union*

Others, anyone? (especially for counties other than Harris)

If any of you feel we should take any of these off of our list, or add other organizations (especially outside of the Houston area), please send them to me at and then I'll adjust the list accordingly.

And regarding the presidential race, my personal choice is still to vote for Richardson or Edwards in the primary. Yes, I know they have both withdrawn, and yes, I know neither of them are Dennis Kucinich, but I don't trust either Hillary or Barack and am not happy with the records of either one. Perhaps if enough of us indicate our displeasure with both of them, they'll start listening to progressives.