World Matters Film Festival April 1-10 University of St. Thomas

Apr 1 2008 - 7:00pm
Apr 10 2008 - 9:30pm

Event Description:

The World Matters Film Festival
Presented by Houston Institute for Culture and University of St Thomas

April 1 - 10, 2008
Free and open to the public

University of St Thomas, Doherty Library [Room 22]
Yoakum Blvd and West Main Street; Additional Parking
in Moran Center (Graustark and West Alabama)

Featuring the films: We Feed the World, Kabul Transit,
Raised to be Heroes, In Search of International
Justice, China Blue, Lives for Sale and Intimidad


We Feed the World (Tuesday, April 1, 7pm)

Vividly reveals the dysfunctionality of the
industrialized world food system and shows what world
hunger has to do with us.

Kabul Transit (Thursday, April 3, 7pm)

A street-level documentary that explores the soul of a
city devastated by nearly three decades of war.

Raised to be Heroes (Tuesday, April 8, 7pm)

Through the example of Israeli Refuseniks we learn
what happens when soldiers act out of conscience.

In Search of International Justice (Tuesday, April 8,

The first film about a crucial new commitment to the
international rule of law: the International Criminal

China Blue (Thursday, April 10, 7pm)

A clandestinely shot, deep-access personal account of
how the clothes we buy are actually made.

Lives for Sale (date and time to be determined)

A one-hour investigative documentary that exposes the
growing black market trade in human beings.

Intimidad (date and time to be determined)

An in-depth, poetic story of life on the Mexico/Texas
border and the difficult decisions a family faces.

Supported by Literal - Latin American Voices

Event Sponsor:
Houston Institute for Culture and Literal Magazine

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Mark Lacy

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