PAA Monthly Meeting Minutes April 10, 2008

Submitted by C. Lee Taylor on April 10, 2008 - 9:37pm. ::

Progressive Action Alliance
Havens Center 1827 W. Alabama Houston, TX 77006
April 10, 2008

Convened 7:30 p.m.

1. Cheryl Crosier
2. Jon Axford
3. Kathleen Kain
4. Wily Simmons
5. Lee Demers
6. C. Lee Taylor
7. Bob Carter
8. Don Cook
9. Bart Boyce

Kathleen passed out postcards to mail, petitions to sign and posters to hang calling for the end of the Israeli occupation and impeachment.
Discussion about PAA’s future and its viability with so few attending.

Restore Constitution: restore balance of powers; Bill of Rights; rule of law
Impeach/Indict war criminals
Clean Elections
Universal health care
Media Reform
Clean Elections
Living Wage

What is keeping Bush/Cheney in office?
1. Failure to uphold constitution
2. Bankrupt campaign laws
3. Election systems
4. Complicit media
5. Absence of grassroot movement
6. Spineless Congress/corporatocracy
7. Ruling Elite/Moneyed interests/Pundits aligned
8. Fear

Discussion how each of the items listed prop up Bush/Cheney
Electoral system including campaign finance and media repeatedly figure in what undergirds the pillars upholding this administration

Bob recounts what he describes as Zionist showing up on the Mandel bridge and requests input.
Don suggests videographers present to video any untoward provocation
Cheryl suggests group go to another bridge
Wily believes forsaking the bridge is not appropriate
Lee believes the last sign seen gets the best response; probably took email to Ira stating he should not bring sign to police
Don urges exceeding kindness/politeness and will return to the same bridge
Cheryl queries why we go to the bridge; answer appears to be education
Seeking truth with oppressors and get the public educated
Discussion about whether Israel out of Palestine or especially Israel out of Middle East is too much, perhaps should be out of occupied territories

Announcements Shareholders meeting at Dynergy 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 14 fun action planned to greet and educate shareholders

Adjourned 9:25 p.m.