Global Warming And Lessons from Living in Space

Feb 1 2009 - 1:15pm

Event Description:

"Global Warming And Lessons from Living in Space" a talk at the next Houston Climate Protection Alliance meeting on Sunday February 1st, 1:15pm. Michael Lutomski, Risk Manager for the International Space Station in NASA will give the talk. Mike has had a calling to face the climate disruption challenge and so has prepared this slide show. Mike says the risk management concepts he uses for the International Space Station apply to thinking about the various forms of climate disruption that are possible. Mike says that on the International Space Station waste and water must be recycled and so have valuable lessons for our life on Spaceship Earth. Mike will be representing only himself during this presentation.

After Mr. Lutomski's talk, we'll have a brief round table discussion on solutions to climate change. These include energy efficiency, 4th generation nuclear power plants and soil carbon sequestration. More carbon is currently stored in the soil than in the air and all plants. When charcoal is added to the soil, it is essentially a permanent sequestration and improves soil fertility. If 10% of the annual growth in plant matter were charred and added to the soil, humanity could zero out the climate impact of our fossil fuel use.

At the end of the meeting we will review action opportunities available in Congress and the Texas Legislature.

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Nan Hildreth @ 713-842-6643 or Tim Mock at 713-662-2879

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