Dept. of Peace National Conference in DC - report

Submitted by Bill Crosier on October 1, 2005 - 1:17am. ::

The National Department of Peace national conference, held a couple of weeks ago in Washington, DC, was a great success, from what I've heard.

If you're interested in the DoP, and are not on the mailing list for The Peace Alliance, I urge you to do so. See their web site at for details on the conference and/or to sign up for the e-mail list.

Here are some excerpts from the report on the conference:

"Get that word "peace" - Department of Peace - out there as constantly as you can do so. This organization and you people are on the leading edge of that campaign... through your organization the word spreads out among the people, so it becomes a more popular thing to be counted as one of the pilgrims, trying to lead us to this promised land of peace." ~Walter Cronkite

The feedback on our recent Department of Peace Conference - both from people who attended as well as people in Congressional offices - was tremendous. Our campaign to establish a Department of Peace took a quantum leap forward, as hundreds of attendees left Washington feeling their experience of citizenship had been expanded and revitalized. Over sixty Congressmembers have now signed on to co-sponsor the bill in the House of Representatives, and as a result of the lobbying by our Minnesota attendees, Senator Mark Dayton (D-MN) has introduced the bill into the Senate (S. 1756). Congratulations to all who participated and for those who contacted their congressional offices from around the country.

Now we must turn our enthusiasm into substantial follow-through. If you have not done so yet please contact your members of House of Representatives and the Senate now and ask them to support this legislation. Visit our action page now. Tell your friends and family to do so as well. To get active in your local area, visit to learn more.

Also, you can now view an streaming video excerpt online of the conversation with Walter Cronkite and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. We will have this and other important video information, including our CNN story, on a special DVD available soon. We invite you to take this video to show in your community, at churches, synagogues, mosques, senior citizens, community centers, or through any other appropriate venue, including your own House Party. Stay tuned on our website for information on ordering the DVD.

For some details and photos from the conference, see:

The Peace Alliance also has momentos from the conference for sale to help raise some funds for the Department of Peace campaign.

Peace is inevitable,