Use our new, not old, discussion list address

Submitted by PAAMember on October 1, 2005 - 2:00am. ::

A reminder about our PAA e-mail lists, everyone, in case you missed
the announcement I sent out on Sep. 18:

You should not send messages to the old discussion list address. Use
the new one instead.

Our old Progressive Action Alliance e-mail lists, that we inherited
from the Kucinich campaign, have been replaced with new lists that do
the same thing, but which use our new domain name (paa-tx). In
addition, we have additional new lists for several popular topics:
Military Recruiting/Truth-in-Recruiting, Department of Peace,
Election Reform, Empire Building/Iraq, Environmental Issues, Houston
Social Forum, Impeach Bush & Cheney, and Media Reform. You can
subscribe to any or all of these, regardless of whether you want to
be on the general discussion list. Everyone should be on the
announcements list, though, for the occasional but important messages
that we want everyone to get.

A summary of all of our new lists and how to sign up for them are in
the e-mail message I sent on Sep. 18, and also at . There are links there for each list,
if you want to get more details about it.

Everyone on our old announcements list (that put "[Kucinich-Hou]" in
the subject line) has been moved to the new announce list.

Everyone on our old discussion list (that put "[Kucinich-Hou-Core]"
in the subject line) has been moved to the new discuss list.

So, there is no need to send mail to the old discussion list address
(). Delete that address
from your address book. Any mail you send there will be intercepted
and won't go through. Instead, send mail to our new general
discussion list at: . Save it in your e-mail
address book with the name "PAA Discussion List" so you won't have to
remember it. This address is also in the headers of every message
sent to the list, so you can find it by telling your e-mail program
to display the headers of a message sent to the discuss list.

To send mail to any of our other lists, refer to the welcome message
you got when you subscribed to that list, or go to -- there are links on that page for all
of our new lists.

Be sure to visit our new web site at and look
around. Let us know what you think, and what suggestions you have.
Soon, after we move everything over from our old web site ( ), we'll point the old URL to
the new web site so you'll be able to get to the new web site using
either address.